Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 71

SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY COMPANY SHOWCASE QUICK Q-DIN – CUSTOMISED, ASSEMBLED DISTRIBUTION BOARDS FROM GEWISS GEWISS has introduced its range of Quick Q-DIN customised assembled distribution boards, with a quick delivery turnaround of 48 hours, if required. Q-DIN offers a complete system of IP44/IP65 distribution solutions for distributing energy in tertiary, commercial, building applications. The comprehensive range offers from fi ve to 20 DIN modules plus supplementary modules of 14 to 20 to add even more DIN spaces and can accommodate both fl ush mounted sockets and interlocked sockets of up to 63Amps. With over 70 standard prewired off-the-shelf variations, GEWISS now extends the range to offer any custom-built assembly with standard products – delivered in a matter of days. The system of wired and unwired boards responds to the latest version of BS EN 61439 standards and can meet any and all system requirements for surface mounting, fl ush mounting, pole and fl oor installations. The synergy between industrial connections and power protection devices is able to satisfy even the most varied demands of energy use, and allows GEWISS to act as a single point of contact for the distribution of energy in the commercial and industrial sectors, including small and large construction sites, ports, marinas, camping and caravan sites. The process is extremely quick and simple – using the free GWEnergy design software tool, clients can design their own boards, discuss with GEWISS UK and have the boards assembled, wired and tested and delivered in a matter of days, or fi ll in a simple template of the necessary requirements and GEWISS UK will complete a customised design. With these boards, customers can expect GEWISS’ usual high performance components, from high impact resistance to anti-corrosion nickel-plated contacts which are ideal for harsh environments. For further information, contact GEWISS UK on 01954 712 757 or customerservice@gewiss.co.uk NUALIGHT LAUNCHES RED-TONE VARIANTS OF ORION Nualight has released a selection of Red-Tone additions to its Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting to bring new depths to refrigerated meat displays. To help retailers and display case manufacturers provide the best lighting conditions, Nualight has added Red-Tone (RT) variants to its Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting. Orion Red-Tone solutions are designed to enhance fresh meat display cases, picking up and strengthening the natural reds found in the products. The Orion range also contains no UV and IR and does not generate excess heat. This ensures packaging will not fade and create a barrier to the communication of important information. Orion is designed to cover a wider colour spectrum than traditional fl uorescents. The new lighting additions also offer the existing high performance features of the existing Orion range, including industry leading effi cacies, 50K hour lifetimes and fast delivery times for stocked products. CPN MAKES A SPLASH AT BAGNODESIGN, CHELSEA cpn has provided the lighting controls for BAGNODESIGN’S new showroom in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter. The showroom is located on the Kings Road and offers the very latest in bathroom design. BAGNODESIGN provides an extensive range of quality bathroom sanitaryware, fi xtures and fi ttings – from bathroom accessories to bath and shower components. For the eye-catching two storey Chelsea showroom, cpn supplied hardwired DALI controllers throughout both fl oors to broadcast DALI signals to switch and dim the luminaires and also control emergency lighting. Each fl oor was split into two different zones with over 60 lumi &W2FR&6VV@&VBfW"sV֖&W0FR&vW"w&VBf 6w&6V7F`FR6G&W'2&fFR7Ff`vFvWfVbfW&ƗGBFR&ƗGFvPƖvFrWfV2VǐvV7Vff6VBGW&FƖvB2W&VFrFP&V"F&GV6R&P&Vr&V6Rf"gW'FW"f&Ff6BwwrVƖvB6&GV7G2&ֆ&FU$DTB4dU"ĔtE2%2RB2RB( 2W&FƖvFp'&B6VFW2R`FR7B6&VV6fP&vW2bTB&GV7G0FRT&WBPFFVvVF2WFV6fP&vR2WrBvǐGG&7FfRG&b6fW ƖvG27VF&ǒFW6vV@f"FW7F2"6W&6&F&2"&W7G&27F'FrvFUrvFPfGFrFW&R&RFVGvurf&G2vFR 6&R( 2F&VR&VpW7BVFW"SVwF'VBvFǖ6&&FR&FW2f"GW&&ƗGBV6Rb6VrfGFw2&R#&FVB4R&VBBVWB%2TcS7FF&G26fW ƖvG2&RGVfFvRbB#3bvF'VB֖6fW"G2BV6&BW&F4B62FVƗfW"6vFRf6vF&VBVV2W"vGBFW&FV6RbFRfGFw22&FV7B6fR22vW 26FVB6RFRFfgW6W"2&VfVBf"gW'FW"f&Ff6@wwr7'FW&6V2D>( tDU"tDU$B$D$UEU$0f"FRfW'F7V66W76fRV"2F22V6VBG2VvFW"vFW&@&FvF&RFV2FWfW"&Vf&R6FrfW"S&GV7G2vFW"vFW&B#r6VFW2WvǒV6V@&vW2BFFVBfVR&GV7G2FWrG2B6RbFR6( 27@V"F2B66W76&W2ffW&rfF7F2F66VG27&722F22v7BfB&vW2FR&FvvfRG&FW6Vw&VBfVRWr&GV7BV6W2F2V.( 2&F26VFR2vFW'VƖW'2W2FR2TB#VV2VBF&6'&BWr( vVN( 2vRN( 2v^( ffW'26VFRFR23r&V6&vV&PTBfBƖvB6F&RvFFR2G&B66VFVBF2V"v&R6Rb2䰧F>( ( W&( &GV7G26VFrFP2FWG&dDR6Ɩ67&WvG&fW 6WBFR26&7WGFW"&vPBFR2&VR7FVV&vRFR&Fv'VVF3FV6V&W"#rf"gW'FW"f&Ff6@wwr6F26 6sSsCsBf"gW'FW"f&F6#S2S"f6Bwwr6VBVV26VfV&W##rs