Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 67

ENERGY MANAGEMENT way to extract its meaning and action it in order to reap the benefi ts. A solution that can harvest, analyse and advise on operational and energy data is becoming essential for companies to achieve their energy goals. It is in this area that connected, digital architectures for energy management deliver signifi cant value. With open integration, real-time operations, analytics and increased levels of cyber security, the next generation of architectures allow businesses to utilise smart devices to deliver improved reliability, safety, effi ciency, sustainability and connectivity. EcoStruxure Power, for example, monitors an entire network through embedded IoT sensors and devices, improving power availability and reliability through a three-stage, integrated approach. At its base level are connected products that collect and distribute data, followed by a second layer known as edge control that enables real-time control of operations either on-site or through the cloud. Finally, it offers apps, analytics, and services that allow managers to make informed and timely decisions to ensure reliability, reduce costs and boost efficiency. With such a solution in place, it is easy to see the benefi ts for energy management and maintenance. With the right equipment and framework, operators and engineers have 24-hour access to real- time operational data both on and off-site. Thanks to the system’s inbuilt analysis they can then be alerted to power and equipment issues through automatic notifi cations, enabling them to respond quickly before an outage or failure can occur. In short, the presence of a single, smart digital architecture simplifi es energy management, tracks and reduces energy costs and improves asset and maintenance effi ciency. On a wider scale, it can also lead to new patterns of working together within the organisation. Many companies have separate departments that decide individually how to buy and use energy as well as maintain their equipment. Yet, the decision-makers in each domain have insights and expertise that could help each other. The beauty of an interoperable architecture like EcoStruxure is how it facilitates the exchange of information and encourages cooperation between departments. When energy and maintenance strategies are managed together, blind spots and new areas for inn ovation are discovered faster. In industries of every type, the reliable management of energy is paramount for ensuring operational effi ciency. With informed energy decision-makers and an integrated technological framework working in unison, companies have a crucial asset. By acting on real-time information, they can improve operational and energy effi ciency, unlock growth, and bring their organisations into the future. Schneider Electric, www.schneider-electric.co.uk SPECIAL FEATURE “Connected, digital architectures for energy management deliver significant value.” Apps and analytics give facilities managers vital information to boost effi ciency Metrel Electrical installation testers MI 3100s MI 3100s is a fast, accurate and easy to use multifunctional Installation tester, which performs a full set of installed wiring safety tests in accordance with BS7671. MI 3100s ST • Built-in graphical help screens for referencing on site • Phase sequence and TRMS voltage and frequency • Dedicated Final Ring Main circuit testing (Requires optio