Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 64

SPECIAL FEATURE Trial projects are a good way of assessing energy saving benefi ts of installing LEDs ENERGY MANAGEMENT Give LEDs a try – but start off small After initial paper assessment of the LEDs, reputable vendors will allow customers to trial products, either free of charge or on a sale or return basis. Trial projects offered by suppliers can help to ease FMs through the transition and gain an initial assessment of potential benefi ts in the future. For example, taking light output Once the project is up and running, after sales service is especially important for LED lighting. LED products offer an ultra-long lifespan, so vendor guarantees should refl ect this. A confi dent manufacturer will provide at least three years’ warranty and should be able to support the warranty period with proof of live installations that have performed reliably for similar periods of time. Of course, even the most reputable, knowledgeable and service-oriented supplier will recognis e that pricing is a key part of facilities managers’ considerations. But experienced buyers know that if products seem too cheap, there will be reasons. These could include poor quality components and substandard manufacturing techniques. Low quality LEDs will cause problems such as inadequate light performance, whilst poorly assembled products can pose serious installation and safety hazards. Other common problems include unreliability, for example colour-shifting over time, rapid degradation of light output, plus high failures in large quantities and quality of light output not fi t for purpose. Such issues are frequently exacerbated by poor or non-existent after sales support. In the event of a problem, the supplier should have the resources to rectify it quickly, effectively and effi ciently. Cheaper LEDs will inevitably cost more in the long run. (lux) readings before and after should confi rm that the product is fi t for purpose. Smooth running of a lighting project – large or small – depends crucially on stock availability. Continuity of supply is essential and quotes of six to eight weeks for stock should sound a warning signal. Leading, reputable suppliers will hold suffi cient stock to cater for their customers’ ongoing and urgent needs, whether planned or not. LED Eco Lights, www.ledecolights.com ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING SALES | TRAINING CALIBRATION | HIRE GRANT FUNDING AVAILABLE AT HOME AT WORK ON STREET CHARGE POINT TESTING The UK’s leading manufacturer of EV charging points Over 65,000 EV charging points manufactured and supplied TEST INSTRUMENT CENTRES South: 01622 690 187 North: 01942 886 993 Wales & West: 01633 853 803 www.alpha-electronics.com The UK’s largest range of EV charging points EV charging points for the home, business and public sector For more details, either contact Rolec’s technical/support/sales team or visit your local electrical wholesaler Head office contact: t: ++44 (0) 1205 724754 f: ++44 (0) 1205 724876 rolec@rolecserv.co.uk www.rolecserv.com