Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 56

SPECIAL FEATURE CABLING Splintering Every tradesperson is well acquainted with cable routing and the subsequent risks of snagging and painful splinters. Pushing and pulling cable rods across rough surfaces causes friction, which can damage the rods and result in splintering. While it’s common to fi nd a set of cable rods wrapped in electrical tape in an electrician’s arsenal to decrease the risk of splintering, bulky tape simply reduces accessibility to smaller holes. Strength The tensile strength of cable rods is hugely important when routing cables. Attempting to pull a trapped cable using force can result in rods snapping and disconnecting, losing expensive equipment in the fi xtures. Electricians require rods with connectors strong enough to manage the routine task of cable routing and the industry’s standard does not currently stack up to the needs of the user. “The tensile strength of cable rods is hugely important when routing cables.” removing the need for quick fi xes, such as tape, that prevents the rods from working to their full potential. C.K tools also found that variety is key when electricians are undertaking cable routing. To provide tradespeople with the choice of multiple degrees of rigidity for different applications, the MightyRods PRO is available in a 7mm rigid rod for overhead use, a 6mm fl exible rod for most everyday applications, and a 4mm super- fl exible rod. To support the need for strength when cable routing, the C.K MightyRods PRO boasts tensile strength of 275kg ( which can support the weight of a grand piano). Ensuring that there are no weak links when Creating a solution Utilising this insight, C.K tools developed the MightyRods PRO, which is designed specifi cally to combat these issues, tackling the consequences of friction, including splintering and snapping. The SplinterSHIELD is a 100% splinter-proof material that protects the rods’ fi breglass core. It helps to prevent harmful and painful splintering, supporting this kind of weight, the rods are reinforced by triple fi xed zinc-plated steel connectors, a feature that eliminates weak joints between rods and allows the product to be used to its full potential without fear of disconnection. Electricians should not have to compromise when in need of quality equipment fi t for purpose. While electricians face many challenges when cable routing, with the input and insight of the tradespeople and electricians who must overcome these issues on a daily basis, the next generation of cable rods can create a new level of effi ciency. The next generation of cable rods will help improve effi ciency C.K tools, www.ck-tools.com MIT GROUP Energy Saving High Bay LED Lighting 4 different sizes available between 13,000 - 26,000 lumens and 100 - 200 Watts Easy installation (Plug & Play) Precise circle of light Tel : +44(0)1376 336 200 - Fax : +44(0)1376 322 161 Efficient heat dissipation Enhanced energy saving sales@lewden.co.uk - www.lewden.com