Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 55

CABLING SPECIAL FEATURE WHERE FLEX MEETS FRICTION Graham Godfrey, brand manager of C.K tools, takes a look at the issues arising from cable routing, as identified by tradespeople and electricians. W hen taking on a job, it’s always best practice for electricians to meet the customer’s needs as much as possible to receive great feedback and repeat business. At times, this may mean taking a less efficient route in the completion of a job to ensure minimal aesthetic interference to the customer’s property. This presents a common challenge for tradespeople: keeping customers’ fixtures and fittings intact when moving cables in floors or ceilings, which often requires electricians to be flexible in the route they take. Cable rods make a significant difference when it comes to efficiency and flexibility. To provide the perfect solution to this everyday task, C.K tools worked directly with its team of electricians to better understand the issues faced with cable routing, the results of which will likely sound familiar. Flexibility A 20-30mm gap can be extremely challenging to navigate, especially when blindly fishing for cables in cavities. While many rods eventually find their destination, electricians regularly find that the cable is not in the direct line of the gap. Standard rods that claim to feature high tensile strength struggle to fit in these gaps and cannot bend to reach their destination, leaving electricians with a tough task ahead and, quite often, their rods snapping and getting left behind in the fixtures. C.K tools identified the issues faced with cable routing by consulting with electricians November2017 | 55