Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 54

QUICK Q-DIN Customised, assembled distribution boards. Quick as you like. 48 HOUR DELIVER Y! *based o n stan compon dard ents Leading electrical solutions manufacturer GEWISS introduces its range of Quick Q-DIN customised assembled distribution boards, with a quick delivery turnaround of 48 hours if required. Q-DIN offers a complete system of IP44 / IP65 distribution solutions for distributing energy in tertiary, commercial, building applications. The comprehensive range offers from 5 to 20 DIN modules plus supplementary modules of 14 to 20 to add even more DIN spaces and can accommodate both flush mounted sockets and interlocked sockets of up to 63 Amps. With over 70 standard prewired off-the-shelf variations, GEWISS now extends the range to offer any custom built assembly with standard products - delivered in a matter of days. Tel: 01954 712757 * Hinged lid allows easy access to the inside of the cabinet Emergency stop button can be mounted on 10, 14 & 20 module \[ۜ’^H[H[[Yۈ L  M [[H[\\ˈ\ۛZX[K[XZ[\Y\\XP]\˘˝Z‘^ NMM LL