Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 46

SPECIAL FEATURE WIRING ACCESSORIES TIME TO SMARTEN UP? The smart home revolution is causing a continued increase in the appetite for smart technology. But are there enough qualified electrical installers for the job and have homeowners really embraced the notion? Marie Parry, marketing director at Scolmore Group, examines some of the key issues. O n the one hand technology is already an integral part of everyday life for many, in business, recreation and in our homes – and the evolution of the smart home continues to gather momentum. Yet as an industry we are faced with a shortage of 46 | November2017 trained, skilled professionals and for many electricians, smart home integration is unfamiliar territory. At the same time, according to a recent survey, there is a fear on the part of home owners to fully embrace the smart home revolution. A poll of 2,000 people by a leading UK price comparison website to garner opinion on smart home technology revealed that 76% of Brits admitted to being ‘fearful’ of the smart homes concept, with unapproved data collection cited as the greatest worry. The research found that [HXZܚ]H JHقH\^YYYX\وHۛXYYKۛH HZ[YYۛHX]X\YHXK\ݙ\[]X][ۈ\[›ܝ[]Y\܈ܝ\[[™[XXX[\H[H[YH][