Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 31

PROJECT FOCUS “The luminaires would need to be able to function effectively with minimal maintenance.” and exposed location. The lighting would also need to align with LLA’s corporate responsibilities and support the wider goals of the project by keeping carbon emissions low and maximising cost effectiveness whilst remaining compliant with the relevant standards. In order to meet the brief, Gamma would need to provide a secure, sealed and easy-to-maintain solution with exceptional life expectancy. Rather less straightforward was the need to mount them onto trunking using traditional 20mm conduit mounting points rather than the quick-release flush mounted fixing clips, which are featured on the majority of such products as standard. The plans take flight that the luminaires would achieve the life expectancy demanded of a 24-hour car park. The light quality and distribution would help passengers find their vehicles quickly and easily. As well as being installed throughout the car park, the luminaires were also placed in the stairwells, complete with emergency conversion featuring discreet integral indicators (EMi) to facilitate the safe evacuation of the car park in the event of a power outage or an emergency, and ensure full compliance with the law. Gamma was chosen not only for the quality of its luminaires but also for its ability to deliver them to the client’s schedule, with the 1,000 luminaires provided in six phases to meet the clients’ budgeting requirements. Even more integral to the decision was Gamma’s ability to modify the product in-house by providing a pre-drilled body ready to mount rather than supplying it with standard fixing clips. Safe and pleasant journey London Luton Airport was pleased with the standard of Gamma’s products and its ability to provide a tailored solution on time and on budget in accordance with its demanding development plans. Despite the large scale of the project, the brief was met on time and without any major issues. Gamma provided a product that would deliver time and energy savings over its long life, while the team’s close collaboration with the lighting designers and contractors on the job ensured that the project ran smoothly from start to finish. “Gamma’s lighting solution for our new multi-storey car park has provided us with bright effective illumination in modern, neat fittings which enhance the finished look of the structure,” commented Kevin Day, head of car parks and ground transportation at LLA. Passengers appreciate the short walk to the terminal building and the fact that they are able to park and find their cars with ease. This contributes to the pleasant customer experience that is at the heart at the airport’s redevelopment goals. Gamma Illumination, gamma-uk.com Luminaires complete with emergency conversion were installed in the stairwells of the car park to ensure safe evacuation Gamma’s lighting solutions are helping to create a better passenger experience as part of Luton’s over £110m investment With an ingress protection rating of IP65, vandal resistance rating of IK10 and a choice of 5ft and 6ft versions, Gamma’s vapour-proof, anti-corrosive Duro provided the solution. Combining Tridonic’s technology with Gamma’s in ֆW6RFW6vVvVW&r@Vf7GW&rWW'F6RF2TB&GFVVVBF6G&7F'2vFG266R`F֖rFVw&VW&vV7BFVw&6V6"F2vFR&vRbVV6vW2g&c( 2S#cBƖfR`fW"cW'2GW&2f&RFgBBVg@VwF2B2BB6W FVW&GW&W2B6W2vF7W&f6R6&W"B7W7VFVBVFrF2गB6&RF&VBF7VBFRVVP7V6f6F2bV6&V7BfFP6( 2&GV7BFf6F6W'f6R2TBV֖&RGW&gVfV@FRVVBf"&GV7BFBvVBW&FPVffV7FfVǒr&VBFVW&GW&W2vRG2Vff6VB77FVvVBV7W&PfV&W##r3