Electrical Contracting News (ECN) ECN-Nov2017 - Page 18

CONTRACT NEWS DTG TEES OFF AT ST ANDREWS ROLEC OFFERS FREE HOME CHARGE POINT INSTALLATION Dieselec Thistle Generators (DTG) has installed and commissioned a generator set for The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) at its new equipment testing centre at Kingsbarns Golf Links near St Andrews. The FG Wilson P88-3 silent generator with a 125A auto-changeover panel was re-painted to match the surroundings at the development which has been designed in an energy KIA Motors and Rolec EV have launched a new initiative which will see KIA’s EV and PHEV customers receive a Rolec home charging point, fully installed, for free. Customers purchasing a new KIA Soul EV, Optima PHEV, Optima Sports Wagon PHEV or Niro PHEV will qualify for the free Rolec home charge point. Kieron Alsop, managing director of Rolec EV, commented, “We are delighted to have joined with KIA Motors to offer their new EV customers free charging points. “This free charge point installation offer has been made possible as a result of OLEV grant funding, further subsidised by the KIA Motors and Rolec EV partnership.” effi cient, environmentally sensitive manner. The building incorporates a range of features, such as air source heat pumps, and uses sustainable materials, including an extensive sedum roof that will allow it to sit comfortably in its setting at Kingsbarns. The 22,750 sqft centre will provide a testing and research facility that will consolidate The R&A’s Equipment Standards department, which is currently spread across three locations. It represents a major investment for The R&A that will enhance its ability to monitor and apply the ‘equipment rules’ on behalf of its 152 affi liated organisations around the world. “We’re delighted to have been involved in the development of this world-class facility,” said Brian Muirie, sales director at DTG. “As a trusted partner to some of the UK’s major infrastructure projects, it’s great to be selected again and again for such incredible high profi le developments.” FLEXICON PROTECTS ELIZABETH LINE STATIONS’ POWER AND DATA CABLING Flexible conduit systems from Flexicon will be protecting critical power and data cabling for the 10 new Elizabeth line stations, currently being built by Crossrail Ltd. Cable protection from Flexicon will be used for lighting, small power, CCTV and audio systems in both the general public and back offi ce areas and for the Platform Edge Screens (PES) that separate the station from the track area. The main requirements for the cable protection system are to protect cabling from vandalism, provide ingress protection of up to IP68 and meet the stringent fi re safety standards for sub-surface rail installations. For public facing areas the conduit also had to meet the aesthetic requirements of the installation. Back offi ce areas use FSS stainless steel corrugated conduit, which combines low fi re hazard performance with an ingress protection of IP68 and corrosion resistance. Public facing areas use either FSSBRD, which has a stainless steel over braid for added aesthetic appeal, or a specially developed all metallic black stainless-steel conduit called FSS black which is being used on the PES. “Power and data is vital for operational effi ciency and critical safety systems. Cable protection is important not just from day one but for the lifetime of the installation,” said Daniel Tokoro, senior project engineer and package manager for the electrical installation for NG Bailey at Farringdon station. THAMES TOWER READING’S FIRST ‘WIRED CERTIFIED’ OFFICE BUILDING Developed by the joint venture between Landid and Brockton Capital, Thames Tower is now the fi rst Wired Certifi ed offi ce development in Reading, after the building was awarded a Gold rating by WiredScore. The Wired Certifi cation is a commercial real estate rating scheme that champions cutting- edge technology and rates the infrastructure, connectivity and technological capacity of commercial buildings. Thames Tower’s Gold rating has been achieved due the building’s diverse access points, free Wi-Fi in common areas for occupiers and guests, mobile phone signal throughout the building and BT Openreach access, to name a few features. The project, designed by dn-a architects, saw the original 10-storey 1970s building stripped back to its frame, fl oor plates were extended and four fl oors added – creating an additional 62,000 sqft of space. The 15-storey tower comprises 195,000 sqft of design-led contemporary offi ce space, with panoramic glazing providing large volumes of natural light throughout the day. A 4,000 sqft rooftop lounge, terrace and garden was added, providing breakout space for occupiers, event space and a communal bar and café, including an in-house barista, within a winter garden setting. 18 | November2017 ENVIROVENT VENTILATES THIRTEEN HOMES Ventilation manufacturer EnviroVent has secured a fi ve-year agreement to provide both Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems and its Filterless Infi nity Fans for homes by property developer Thirteen. EnviroVent will install PIV units or Infi nity Fans on any properties that are having energy effi cient upgrades, such as External Wall Insulation (EWI) schemes. By contracting with EnviroVent, Thirteen, which has a stock of around 34,000 properties, is aiming to provide ventilation that will protect residents’ health and the fabric of buildings. The PIV units will be fi tted in the central hallway or in the loft space, providing whole house ventilation. These units are designed to take advantage of the benefi ts of solar gain from within the loft space, to result in a relative saving of around 150W per day in an average modern family home, according to EnviroVent. XPELAIR PROVIDES A BREATH OF FRESH AIR Xpelair has retrofi tted a two-bedroom bungalow in Peterborough with its Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, Natural Air 180, to provide the home with fresh air. The Natural Air 180 extracts stale air and moisture from dwelling wet rooms while resupplying habitable rooms with fi ltered fresh air, transferring heat from the extracted air during the process. Paul Johnson used Xpelair Ventimiser in the renovation of his two-bedroom home. The unit is a demand control device with a temperature senso HYH\&\]\\H[H\[[܈HYݙ\H]HۙX܈H\\[X\H[[Z\\]]X]X[HB]\[Z\ N [[]\]]X]H\܈\\[\K[Y][ۋ]\[\H]\]Y[B]H[][ݚYHHX[X[۝[ۈ[YY܈ HZ[]\]H\وH]ۋH[[][ۈ^\˜\]H[]\\YY]B[H\ԝ\H[[Y\\H[PY\\Y H]\[Z\ N \˜Y[\YۙY܈X\H[[][ۈ[Y\[[X[ۜ]\[ۙK[[YܝXZH][ܙHܝXK