Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 5

INDUSTRY NEWS SUPPORTING ELECTRICIANS – SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC EXPANDS AND ENHANCES PARTNER PROGRAMME IN BRIEF… Schneider Electric is continuing its commitment to electricians with the expansion of its enhanced and newly titled Electrician Partner Programme. Formerly known as Ultimate Installer, the scheme is dedicated to supporting electricians and is free for professionals working in the residential and light commercial sectors and who can demonstrate one of the entry criteria. With its continuous development of Partner benefits, promotions and digital business tools, the programme helps Partners solve challenges such as striking a balance between time on the tools vs administration in the office, to maintaining skills and knowledge for emerging technology trends, as well as the evolving marketing needs of starting a new business through to maintaining an established one. Benefits for Partners include a welcome pack with complimentary branded workwear, a business listing on Schneider Electric’s Partner locator for end users, training opportunities, special promotions and events. In addition, Partners will receive exclusive access to the My Rewards Loyalty Scheme where they can make their spend on thousands of everyday materials go that bit further and reap a reward for choosing Schneider Electric. SPARKIES SNUB THE PUB FOR MORE TIME WITH THE FAMILY Hard working sparkies would rather spend time with their families than having fun in the pub, a study has found. Quality time with loved ones came out on top above earning extra money and spending time in a boozer, showing that UK electricians think family is the most important thing despite working long hours. And Brits’ love of DIY is a big part of why electricians are spending so long at work with research revealing that fixing dodgy DIY jobs accounts for a quarter of their workload. A third also reported fixing potentially life threatening DIY jobs that have caused an electrical shock or fire, or incurred serious financial costs. The research, undertaken by CK tools, reveals how electricians spend their time at work, the challenges they face and how they would choose to spend their time if they could work more efficiently. Two thirds (66 per cent) of sparkies reported they spend over three hours each day cutting wire, and nearly half (46 per cent) make an incredible 200 cuts to wire a day. It’s no surprise then that nearly three quarters suffer from aches and pains while on the job. Scolmore Group has been named ‘Supplier of the Year 2016’ by members of the AIEW (Associated Independent Electrical Wholesalers) buying group. Running since 2001 when the Association was first established, the awards scheme enables members to vote for their top supplier and recognises best practice when it comes to service levels, customer support, product quality, stock availability and pricing structures. The award ceremony was hosted by the Association’s chief executive, Andy Gardner, and held during the annual Trade Show & AGM at Cotswolds Water Park Four Pillars Hotel in Cirencester, where representatives of all member companies gathered for the weekend. Quartzelec has invested over £100,000 to upgrade its electrical test and maintenance capabilities at its key engineering and workshop facilities in Aberdeen. These new facilities were officially opened in October by Daniel Laval, Quartzelec’s managing director. WHAT THE TECH?!… HOW MODERN TECHNOLOGIES ARE TRANSFORMING THE TRADITIONAL BRITISH HOME Tech savvy Brits want to live in smart, connected homes with smart lights, Wi-Fi controlled thermostats and even robotic cleaners – but alarm clocks and landline phones could be consigned to the scrapheap, according to new research. The humble alarm clock polled almost nine per cent of the vote in the survey by home assistance provider HomeServe, when it came to the question of which home gadget is least important. The landline phone attracted eight per cent. Previously loved gadgets like tumble dryers, toasters, electric shavers and even coffee machines were also among the nation’s least loved technology. The new research discovered that smart and connected home devices could have the most impact on simplifying the nation’s lives, with 63 per cent of those asked believing smart thermostats will become commonplace in the home in the near future. Smart lights (39 per cent), smart locks (35 per cent) and robotic cleaners (32 per cent) also ranked highly in the technologies expected to transform the traditional British home. Greg Reed, chief marketing officer at HomeServe, said, ‘We know from talking to our customers that they want their lives to be made easier and expect modern smart technologies to become mainstays in the future. ‘People want to be able to change the temperature of their house or adjust the lights when they’re away - but it seems that, with the evolution of our smartphone society, our trusty alarm clocks and landline phones may be paying the price.’ Vent-Axia has been recognised for its commitment to environme [^[[H][XY]YB[\][ۘ[HXۚ\YTM H[\ۛY[[X[Y[Y[\[H\YX][ۈ܈]ܘ]^BX[YX\[X[]Y\ˈTM H\[[\][ۘ[BXۚ\Y[\[XY]H\YX][ۂ[ P^XH[[ۜ]Y]]\[[\ۛY[[X[Y[Y[\[H[XHYXH\H[[\H\K[\ݙHYXY[H[YY][Y[[Y[]ܞH[\ۛY[[\]Z\[Y[˂H[XX[۝Xܜ&H\X][ۈ PJH\™ܛX[H][Y]]X]H8$˙XK˝Z˂H]PHX]H\\YۙYH[\[H\\Y[K\]Z\[8&YHX܈\&HX\˜[[[HXX[Y[X\۝[ B[\[[PHY[X\Y[XYY\[\HY\ۜ[Y\[\Y[\B\]HX]KYKH[\\H[\]و[ [ H]ܛB\YۙY܈HQY[X܋\YۙYB\\\YܙY[Y[]YY\ۋHSK“H۝XX[YX\\܈Y[][ۜˈB[X[H[[XH\Y\\HۛYB[^\\H[X\Y[XK[][HX\\\HYYY܈Hܛ8&\\8&[X&HX\[HۛXY[S\H[ PY\\ۘHYZ[HY\\ۜ܈قHPRPSPHX[ˈ[\YX\&\œX\ٝ[\\\ HܝX[\\\Y\[H\[]Y]ۜܜ\܈ M̌ M˂ܘ]\ Z[Y\QBSB]X\˚ܘ]\ۘZ[Y\˝Zœ[BNL ‚\XH]Y[Y\[K[ٙ]][و X[[[]H[\YZ[\Y[][Yܘ[[K\ K  H MPB[]]^[X\Y\X][HB[\܈[]Z[Έ MH ܈[XZ[[\]Zܘ]\ۘZ[Y\B MH[\H]˚[ BLKLǨ M M‚