Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 49

PRODUCTS NEW FLEX7 LIGHTING CONNECTION AND CONTROL RANGE FROM FLEX CONNECTORS Flex Connectors has over 18 years of experience in the lighting connection and control industry. Its flex7 System is an energy efficient, modular lighting connection and control range. Designed to plug together on site, use of the prefabricated system can result in substantial time savings. The simplicity of installation also results in reduced requirement for skilled labour. The energy efficient controls have been designed for use in commercial and industrial buildings, and provide a great opportunity for cost and energy savings. A large range of control devices are available, including occupancy, absence, daylight linking, manual switching/regulating or combinations as required. The lighting controls function at PELV, providing a simple, cost effective way of complying with 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. Flex7 Lighting control devices plug directly into any eZeBox connection unit and leads and sensor heads, simply plug into the control. The advantage being that there are no on-site terminations. It’s easy to add more sensor heads to cover a larger area, and reconfiguration in the future is a simple matter of unplugging and replacing products. The sensor heads use the latest technology designed to reduce nuisance triggering, with right angle coverage and a highly sensitive Fresnel lens that creates 64 zones of detection. Flex7 control devices also incorporate a high in-rush relay to counteract the problem of high in-rush currents in LEDs. All Flex Connectors products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Its wide client base encompasses commercial, education, healthcare, public, high street and transport sectors across the UK. For further information visit: www.flexconnectors.co.uk RUGGED FLUKE LASER LEVELS DELIVER THE SIMPLICITY AND ACCURACY TO PERFORM LAYOUT TASKS FAST Fluke has introduced a new line of professional grade, precision tools that are designed to survive a 1m drop and keep working. Fluke Laser Levels feature a fast settling, self-levelling gimbal that quickly delivers accurate reference points, expediting electrical and HVAC layouts. The Fluke Laser Level family includes the Fluke-3PR (red laser) and Fluke-3PG (green laser). Point Laser Levels are self-l ][[YK\[\\][X\]B [H] K[HHZKLN [ZKLN [H\\][\Bܚ^۝[ H[\X[ Xܛ[H\\][X\]H [H] LKH[H[X]\HZKS[ZKS\\[H]Xܜ\\[H]Xܜ܈\H[Y[XY[Y][]\X[[]YXB[X]ܜˈH]Xܜ\H\]XH]ZKLN  ZKSH܈ZLN  ZKSH[[˂[[KHZKLN \[H[ZLN \[\\H\Z[]H[[][[ܚ^۝[ H[\X[ Xܛ[H\\][\[\][YH\\[H]X܈[]X܈X]܈\H[Y[XY[Y][ˈ[\\][[[[YHXYۙ]X[X]܈X\KXH[[[˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙ZK˝Z‚x&TTQHTHQUHTSRQUT”x&\\YHXB\]HY[]\YZY\[ۈ\BY]H\YX]\™܈Z\͍B[Y[Y[ ˜\X[[Hق\˂H\YX]\œ\\[HXZ܂\܈\YH\š][\H[Bو[YK]YB[[\\Bݙ[x&\\YBXH\\HH[\]YK[YY\YۈX[XYY\[XX\H\B\HZ\ XZ[H\وݙ\XYX\[[[[[\XK[H\˜]\[ۈ[[H\[\ZX[\\H[\HXKH\^YY[XH\[\\]\\XXYL0܈H\][ۈو LZ[]\ˈH\Z[]H\[š[YYH[]\^H\ SԑHQPTUTSSSB[ܙH\[XYH[HوX\]\]S[X\\[˜X\ܚY\X[ۋXZ[]X\Y\[]\܈[[\ݚYB[\ܘYH[^\[\[[[][ۋ][˜Y][ۘ[]\š[[ܙHXX[܂۝[Y[][ۜ܂^[\K܈H[ۈ˜Y]^H[[Z[\H[XH]]HYY܈^HX[˂HX\]\\H\]XH]XS[\[\۝\[\ٙ\]]X]YY[۝[^H[H\Y]HS[][[[[Z[œXZ]\[[ZH۝[[ۘ[[[Y\^H[[H[HH][ۜ˂X\]\\H]Z[XH[]H]\\[[][\H[\\[[\BXܛHX\[X\ܞH[\ˈH]H]\\ٙ\Y[HHHۙY[]H]ۙH\\\H\HY[]H]  \\\\ˈH]H[\˜]Z[XH\HH[ܙx&\[\\[X\ܞH[\[Y[\[K\[X[XY[H[Y[]KHXY[H[Y[]H]\]H[YYXHوX[\\ٙ\[X^[][HXK܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˜[ܙKBSRSTRSSSPTԒQT‘HUTHTӑS‘]\H\ۙ[&H[Hو۝X\[Y\H\Z[]H[X[ۈو[Z[\Z[[[X\ܚY\˂H\Z[[[H[Y\ΈYY ]Yܙ][\ [H[XH][ ۚYH\ۛX܈[X\\Z[[ˈH[H\\YY[H\Y]Hو\š[Y[ܙ^KYKۈ[ZYK[X\HTH[H\YYY X\ܚY\]H[\]X[HYH[Hو[ۜH[[\][ۈ]\Y[\Z[[X\\\X[[\[[]\X]Hݙ\[[[X][ܛ\X\\ L^H[[]Y[\\\[X\ؘ\\H[]Z[XKH[H\\]H]H[\[ۈو[Z[][ۜوY[Z[]Z[\[\Z[Z[˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙]\X\ۙ[˘B܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˜[ۛ[K˝Z‚X[X\ M B MLX˚[ BM LǨ M MB