Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 45

BEST OF 2016 MERIDIAN CORN LAMPS FOR ENCLOSED FITTINGS Meridian LED corn lamps for open style high and low bay fittings have been a real winner over recent years and now, after major technical development work, CED has announced a range extension to include replacement lamps suitable for enclosed fittings. The original range of 6,500K cool white lamps come with E27 fittings for the smaller 20W and 30W sizes with E40 fittings for sizes up to 120W. The new lamps for enclosed fittings are also 6,500K and have the same lamp bases dependent upon wattage, but also include a larger 150W version. All have individual clear diffusers, covering each LED matrix for improved ingress protection (IP54) and suitability for enclosed environments. This new range also includes four Opal PC diffuser Corn Lamps designed for street lighting, with sizes from 27W to 54W and are backed by a three year warranty. For further information visit: www.ced-elec.co.uk CP ELECTRONICS MODULAR WIRING SOLUTIONS Market forces within the construction industry require installers to become increasingly competitive in terms of cost and time. In response to this demand, CP Electronics has launched a modular wiring solution which features a complete pluggable system, allowing for the configuration of any lighting installation in minimal time. The solution is simple to install, using just four components: tee modules, extender leads, luminare leads and connectors. It also offers full compatibility with all luminaires with connectors of this type, as well as CP Electronics’ existing range of lighting control module (LCM) based systems including Vitesse Modular, Vitesse Plus and Rapid. As a result, the specification and installation processes are both vastly simplified and shortened, saving considerable time and cost. Housed in a robust flame retardant casing, the module features fixing tabs that allow suspension within the ceiling void using cable ties, also making it suitable for mounting on cable trays and baskets. Modules are available in a variety of configurations and can be easily connected using standard extender lead cables, allowing for the option of easy connection of switching luminaires, dimmable luminaires and emergency luminaires. For further information visit: www.cpelectronics.uk.com MARSHALL-TUFFLEX LAUNCHES NEW QUICK FIT DESK MODULES Marshall-Tufflex has introduced a new range of power and data desk modules that perfectly complement its existing Underfloor to Desk range. The new modules incorporate twin 5A USB points that charge up to five times faster than standard PC ports, with far less power wastage through heat generation. The power modules can be used individually or linked to serve multiple workstations. With additional circuit protection, there is the ability to connect direct from powertrack up to single or multiple configurations. The new desk modules offer maximum installation speed and flexibility and can feed to single or multiple modules as required. The 3.15A or 5A units are available in two and four gang options and comply with BS6396 for Electrical Systems in Office Furniture when powered from a plug socket outlet and with BS7671 when powered from a power distribution network. For further information visit: www.marshall-tufflex.com ESP’S VANDAL RESISTANT SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM ESP’s CanCam VR external surveillance system provides high resolution capture of still or video camera recordings onto a removable SD card. Images can be continuous or automatically triggered by a built-in PIR with illumination pro YYB[Yܘ[X[\YQˈX[Y]H؝\[[HX]\و]\\[[\YH[Yܘ[]\Y\\ݚY\H[HܝXK[[ۙB[[[\[Xܙ[][ۈ܈HYH\Y]Hو\X][ۜ˂\[\[K\X[Z][\][[H\Y܈H][[ۈوK]\[X\XZ[[[ܙX\[œ؛[H][]]ܚ]Y\˜\H][X[] BX[ۈو]HX[ZX\܈X[\][\H\B]وH\X[]Y\™܈ݚY[X[ۈ\BXZ[\\]Z[XB[\HH]ZX[[\B[[][ۈ\\]Z\Y ܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙\Z˘BKSSӒUԈSQTSHQTSTSBH\Z[]HSH\Y[Y\[HY\[\[KBKS[ۚ]܈H[[Y]H\Y[\YۙYݚYHH^XK\[[\\Y[H[Y\[HY[\[[\ܝ[\[KH۝[[\\\HTY]X\][\[HXYX8&\8&HX\[Z]]H[\HX\H\H܈H[Z\[ۚ[[[Y\\[\˜H\\H8&\8&H\\YۙY\H[HۛXYSH[Y\[H]X\˂]ZYܝ\ܘ\X\\[\XH[[Z\[ۚ[ \Y]H\H\[]X\H[[KH\[HݚY\[[[YYX]H[[\H^B[]X[H]\H\[K\[\\[][ۈو]HX[[YB]\˂\[H][H\\H]Z[XHY][[ ܈[XZ[ \YܙH\\[HZ[[\]܈[XZ[Z[[H[Y\[BY[][Y[H\Z\\ܝY][\[\XZ[Z[YXܙو\[܈[[ۜ][ۜو\X[H]Y[][ۜ˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˘[[Y]K˝Z‚ԐUTSRSQTTHSTHTUԔ’ܘ]\ Z[Y\\H[\H\]ܜ›YY]H\]Z\Y\][ۂ\ܛX[Hܚ]\XHXܙ[N KLN L\Z[]B]\Y[][ۜ܈\][ۋX\Y]H[X܂ۋ[Y\][ۈXܙ[‘SM L^H[H\Y܈B\\و8&\][۸&HXܙ[͍N  H\]ܜ\HXHB]X\\XHو][˜H]H[]][[\BXH[H8&ܛX[8&H[&\]x&H][ۜ˂H]X[H\˜\\\Y[][ۜ\Hۘ\Y [[YX[^\[ۘ[HY[\ق\Yۈ[Z[]X[]K܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˚ܘ]\ۘZ[Y\˝Z‚X[X\ M B M H\و M[ BM LǨ M M ‚