Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 44

BEST OF 2016 FS CABLES NOW STOCKS LU APPROVED KNX CERTIFIED CABLE ORBITAL PLUS – FIRE RATED AND IP65 RATED The Orbital Plus from National Lighting is the latest addition to the patented Orbital range of recessed downlights with no visible light source. The innovative anti-glare design features hidden SMD LED’s and specially painted dome to reflect the light out of the product. The Orbital Plus is dimmable and is fire rated up to 90 minutes. It is also IP65 rated, making it ideal for bathroom installations. Offering a high 460 lumen output and a wide 120° beam angle for good light coverage, the Orbital Plus is available in a choice of two colour temperatures, 3,000K and 5,000K. Constructed from die cast aluminium and steel, the fitting is supplied with a dimmable Eaglerise driver and the extra slim design makes it suitable for low void depth ceilings. The Orbital Plus also features a discreet low profile design, which is available in a choice of three finishes, chrome, satin white and white. FS Cables KNX cable has been approved by London Underground. Similar in construction to the standard two pair green cable, the LU version meets the requirements of LUL 1-085 A3:2011 and is now suitable for installations in stations covered by Section 12, having been independently tested by BRE and 4-Rail Services. As an open protocol, KNX enables the integration of all aspects of building control through a single system. Lighting, heating, air conditioning, as well as critical systems such as monitoring and smoke ventilation all communicate to create a safe and efficient network. As a KNX member, FS Cables offers various KNX certified cables from stock, including the standard two pair in green or white, with duct and armoured external versions also available for immediate despatch. These cables have been tested by the KNX association as being suitable for use on KNX systems and bear the KNX logo. For further information visit: www.fscables.com/knx For further information visit: www.nationallighting.co.uk INNOVATIVE LOCATING SOCKET PROVIDING ASSISTED LIVING SOLUTION CARINA LEDS FROM KINGFISHER LIGHTING Scolmore’s innovative Mode locating plug socket is designed to assist people with impaired vision or poor hand to eye coordination to more easily insert a plug into a socket. The contoured shape of the front plate guides the earth pin into position, and it is this plug guide which gives the product a greater focus on usability, meaning its use can be extended to situations where a socket isn’t easily accessible. The product is available in one and two-gang options, with the two-gang version featuring outboard rockers to further assist with distinguishing between switches, making it less likely to switch the wrong one. An addition to the company’s Mode range of wiring accessories, the locating plug socket has all the benefits that are standard within this range, including anti-microbial properties and a 20 year guarantee. It is also available in a visually contrasting version to meet with Part M regulations. Kingfisher Lighting’s Carina LED is a high quality floodlight that provides an outstanding wattage range and is a perfect fitting for many applications from area and security lighting to small scale retail and recreation. The Carina LED flood was launched alongside the new generation of high bay luminaires - High Bay LED-C and High Bay LED-S. Both offering LED technology, they give excellent output for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The popular Villa range has been developed to include this energy efficient LED luminaire. This traditional amenity light is perfect for urban areas, parks, plazas and pathways. For further information visit www.scolmore.com For further information visit: www.kingfisherlighting.com DIMMABLE LED FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHTS – THE VELA RANGE GreenBrook Electrical’s Vela range of LED fire rated downlights has made a huge impact to the lighting market this year. Available in fixed, tilt and the hugely popular anti-glare options, these attractive and compact low profile fittings are offered in matt white with a choice of replaceable bezel colours. With such an emphasis based on glare this year by the LIA, sales of the anti-glare fitting have rocketed. Rated IP65 and including a dimmable LED driver, these 9W fittings offer a 55° beam angle and a lumen output of 72lm/W. The anti-glare option offers a high light output whilst the matt black inner baffle reduces the glare. On all models, once installed, the bezel can easily be removed when decorating or just to change their colour without the need to remove the fitting. For further information visit: www.greenbrook.co.uk PACE SAVING COMPACT RCBOS AVAILABLE FROM HAVELLS This year, Havells developed a new range of compact RCBOs. Unlike standard RCBOs, the compact range has been uniquely designed to simplify installation and provide additional cabling space in electrical distribution boards. Havells Compact RCBOs maximise wiring and termination space due to an impressive 25mm shorter, compact and robust design, while offering fully electronic performance for speedy installation and testing. The new compact RCBOs are part of the Havells Powersafe range of industrial and commercial circuit protection, and control products. The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations – BS7671 continues to drive increased awareness of the importance of protection from electric shock through the use of RCD technology. This has dramatically increased the use of RCBO products in electrical distribution boards, combining the functionality of MCBs with RCD technology into a single device – the RCBO.  For further information visit: www.havells.co.uk 44 | December 2016 44-45 Best of 2016.indd 44 14/11/2016 16:07