Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 42

SPECIAL FEATURE DATA CABLING WRITE ON! Liesbet De Soomer from Newell Brands highlights the importance of accurate cable labelling. L abelling is important when it comes to both the management of electrical equipment and to ensure we have an understanding of the wider industry to prevent error. It is the role of the contractor to make sure that they are employing electricians that are not only properly qualified for the task at hand but also hold the correct expertise and the highest quality equipment to do a good - and safe - job. When it comes to cable management there are several reasons for contractors to be well informed about its developments. Being the direct employer for many electricians they should be aware of the cable management industry’s latest advances in order to make sure they are employing qualified people. Labelling plays a vital role in cable management. Regulation As a contractor you should have a good understanding of what electricians need. Here, you can demonstrate a familiarity with the regulatory landscape by knowing which solutions can be used for compliance, ultimately providing peace of mind for your end customer. For example, section 514 ‘identification and notices’ of the BS EN7671 17th Edition, 3rd Amendment wiring regulations outlines the minimum text size required for some notice labels, which may not be met by some current solutions. To address this, ensure that as a contractor you have a broad understanding of the products that help ensure labelling compliance around cable management - for example, the Dymo XTL labels include wire and cable cartridges 41mm and 54mm sizes to achieve this. We’ve also found that users of labelling solutions haven’t received formal training. Instead, they are often informally trained on the job and rely largely on their own instincts to label cables. Whilst instincts are great, it is not always enough when it comes to adhering to regulations and it is up to the contractor to make sure the people they are employing have the correct credentials and knowledge to perform tasks to a high standard. Therefore, solutions that come with ready made templates that are kept up to date means that electricians shouldn’t be facing the same challenges as they may have had in the past. Contractors can build upon product capabilities by providing information in their physical and digital market places to show they understand the industry. They might c 6FW"6VFrf&F&WB&VwVF&VFVBF&VƖrVFW 2VfWBvV'vR"Ww6WGFW'2B06v'FVrWFR6fW'6FvF&&FR'FW2V7W&rR&P6rVW7F2&WBrFR&GV7@vffV7B7W7FW'>( &ƗGFfvFRFP( bR6আfRWfVধW7B&60VFW'7FFpbFR&P&VƖp2Rv&RV6&RW6VgVBGG&7FfP76WB( 6Ɩ6R77VW2FB&VFRFFV@FV"v7W7FW'2ࠤ6WGv7BFRVRRV&PWW'G2FWBrvBFR&W7@6WF2f"FVFgrBfvFrFP72b6&W2FW&Rv&rvF&R26G&7F"bR6fRWfVW7@&62VFW'7FFrbFR&R&VƖp2VrVV7G&62fvFRFV vF&VvFR6W6&Ɩr77FVRv&RV6&RW6VgV@GG&7FfR76WB&R7W&RFBRVFW'7FBFPFffW&VB66V&2FBVV7G&62&Rf6VBvFG'FvWBWBFFRfV@FvWBFw&2vFFR7V6f26VvW0FBW7BR6FV7BFR6VvW0&Vf&RFW&6RB6R7W&RP&RVr&W&ǒVƖfVBWW'G2&VƖrVƗG֖vBB&RFRf'7@FrFB6W2F֖BvVF涖pg&6G&7F.( 2W'7V7FfR'WBFW&P&R&wVVG2FB7VvvW7BF@R6VBfR&62vVFvR@VFW'7FFrbF2&VƖrB6&PvVVBW"VB7W7FW"v&PWV7FrFRvW7BVƗGVV7G&62vF6V"VFW'7FFrbv@6VBVFR'6V6Rb67W&FP&VƖr26G&7F"RfR'GVGF&V6RG'W7FVB6W&6R`vVFvR&VVfFr&FFR'W6W72`W"7W7FW'2BW'6VbࠣC"FV6V&W"#`C"FF6&Ɩr( 2GFBC #bcC0