Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 36

SPECIAL FEATURE DATA CABLING It is advisable to use connectors and jacks from reputable manufacturers to ensure that they can withstand the inevitable arcing that occurs when higher power PoEplus equipment is connected and disconnected. Blown-fibre solutions like our own Blolite and MicroBlo – with the ability to migrate to the latest fibre type within minutes – would make it easy to transition from 10Gb/s to 40 or 100Gb/s fibre backhaul as increased capacity is needed. A great benefit is that after the migration has taken place the old fibre can be blown out for recycling. And there’s no disruption around the building since access is only needed at the end points of the fibre run. PoE considerations Although 802.11ac wireless chipsets are said to be more efficient than previous generations, they are performing much more complex processing. They have to combine data from multiple spatial links – three links for 1.3Gb/s ‘Wave 1’ and up to eight links in possible future implementations. The outcome of this is that the actual power requirement per AP is above the 13W threshold of basic PoE, requiring instead PoE-plus with its 30W capability. This will increase still further when 4-pair PoE is finalised and ratified by the IEEE P802.3bt workgroup. As various Brand-Rex authors have warned previously in the media, the power dissipation within the cable conductors when powering PoEplus devices can lead to significant temperature rise particularly if a number of high power carrying cables are in the same bundle. A solid wired cable THE POWER TO OFFER YOU THE LOWEST PRICE ON TEST EQUIPMENT price matancth ee guar with high heat dissipation like our own Zone Cable is recommended for ceiling consolidation point to AP patch cords. The rise in conductor temperature leads to an increase in the cable’s insertion loss (four per cent for every 10˚C temperature rise) and can, if lower quality cables and connectors are deployed, lead to data corruption with significant levels of retransmissions. The net effect of this can be much reduced link speed. It is also advisable to ensure the use of connectors and jacks only from reputable manufacturers to ensure that they can withstand the inevitable arcing that occurs when higher power PoE-plus equipment is connected and disconnected. The common practice of using cheap (and frequently substandard) patch cords will inevitably lead to problems. Conclusion It seems that the uptake of BYOD/CYOD and IoT will indeed turn the networking world upside down by moving the major requirement for RJ-45 PoE outlets up into the ceiling with a lesser quantity remaining at floor level. Wi-Fi in the form of 802.11ac appears to be the first ‘Killer App’ needing bandwidths greater than 1Gb/s and forcing the need to deploy Category 6A in the horizontal. Once again network managers will need to practice considerable skill and foresight to plan networks that will cope with all this change. price matancth ee guar quipment on test e Our Price Match Guarantee means we will not be beaten on price for Test Equipment. If you find the same product at a cheaper price, we promise to match it.* CHECK OUT OUR PRICES AND BUY NOW AT SHOP.NICEIC.COM OR SHOP.ELECSA.CO.UK OR PHONE 0843 290 3426 * Terms & Conditions apply the power behind your business 16496-TestEquipmentAd-159x224.indd 1 34-36 Data Cabling – Brand Rex.indd 36 25/10/2016 11:24 11/11/2016 16:41