Electrical Contracting News (ECN) December 2016 - Page 21

TRAINING TOP APPRENTICE WINS 2016 ECA EDMUNDSON AWARD Twenty-one year old Harry Bartle has been recognised as one of the top electrical and building services apprentices in the country, after winning the coveted 2016 ‘ECA Edmundson Apprentice of the Year Award’. Harry, who works for Morecambe based ECA member firm Chris Bowker, overcame fierce competition from the eventual three runners-up. The judges stated that Harry would make an excellent ambassador for the industry over the next 12 months. During the awards ceremony held in London in September, Harry was awarded a cash prize and a stateof-the-art tool kit, among other prizes. Harry will also take part in a study tour sponsored by Schneider, in which he will visit its facility in the French Alps. Harry commented, ‘It’s an absolute honour for me to be recognised as ECA Edmundson Apprentice of the Year. The training and experience I have received from Chris Bowker has been first class and it’s been a pleasure to represent the company.’ HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE CROWNED NICEIC AND ELECSA APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR? The search is on to find the next NICEIC and ELECSA Electrical Apprentice of the Year. Following the success of the inaugural event last year, the 2016/17 contest promises to be bigger and better with more tasks and even greater prizes up for grabs. Mark Lee from Essex claimed the top prize last time out – a holiday voucher worth £2,000. The competition comprises of three stages. The first stage of the contest is an online exam comprising a variety of questions relating to electrical installations. The top 20 per cent performing students from this stage then progress to stage two – a one and a half hour, written exam, held at several locations across the UK.  The eight students with the highest marks then go ahead to the Grand Final – held at partner sponsor Scolmore Group’s head offices in Tamworth, Staffs on 6th June 2017. Emma Clancy, CEO ًPRP[SPHZY 8&\[X\\\HBYXو\[\H[PRP\[Z]Y][[H[[وB]\KH[[\YH[H\\[][H[\HZH\[\]\[ۙHXY]H\˸&BTUSUUԒUHRSSUTST‚Z]BTU\]۝[YH[ٙ\[ۘ[][Y[Z[[\\܈[]]ܚ]HX[\Z\B]\[\و\X[XX[Y]H[\\[Hݙ\[Z[H]]HYYXXZ]Y H\\[YH\[][ۜۈ\Y\\[[[XX[Y]K[[XX[[[][ۈۙ][ۂ\ܝ RPԊH]\[\\[ۈ[\[YH\Y[\X[[XX[ZY[H[ˈ[H[]]ܚ]Y\\H\\[]]\وZ\[][]Y\[\H\ۜXH܈[ܘ[\وHZ[[”Y[][ۜ[\\[\[ۙ][ۜXHH\[X[[Y]H][\[KHZ[[\\˜\H\YۙYZ\H]\[\و[XX[Y]H^\[وHX[ۈ\]Z\Y\H[H\Y\˰0ZZH[]HTUܛ\YY^X]]K[Y[Y 8&H[]]ܚ]HZ[[x&]HY[ٙ\[\œݙ[HH\HX\ٝ[^HوZ\[]\[\ۈH\Y\\[[[XX[Y]K[]]ܚ]Y\[[X][H]HH\[Z\[][]Y\XH[YHܚ[^HH\HH[Z\[]\[\وB[\و܈[XX[[[][ۜˈHH][ܙHܙ\[HXYH[X[[]]ܚ]Y\[ݚYH[H]HۛYH\]Z\YXY[ۙ\[Z\[Z[Y\˸&B\HS]X\[H۝[YHXHXHY[‘\HS]\H]KY\X[ۘ[Y[\[H܈H[[Y[]ܚ[[۝و[\[XX[[[][ۜˈ[[ۜœX\Y[[۝[HX\[H]ٚ]Y[]ܚYXHY[ˈ[[Y]\[H]ZXH\XY܈XYHY[\XH]]][\H[[[^HX\ˈY[][[[Z[[]Y[[[Z]\[Y[[[B۝\H]Z[XH\]HH\[K[Y][ۋH\H[ؚ[H]H[[X\H[\H\[HH۝Y\[[ؚ[B[]X\[[HS܈[Y\][\[K\[[Y[K\ܘ[[YY[\H\]Y۝[Y[H[[Z]][HXHH\H[\XH[\[S]YK[H[YH^KH]HوHY[[[˜[HXܙY[[ۚ]ܙY]H[KY][ۘ[[ܛX][ۈ[H[]˙\KK[] ۈHYY\HS]Y[][[[Z[[]  KY[\[H \HS]Y[[۝]ۋ KY[\H[\XH܈H[ؚ[H]HۈHX\ۙK\HS]Y[[[Z]\ Y[\HL\H]HK NNW[S]TۙJLԝ̌ MNWS[ B LHZ[[˚[ BKLKM LNLBLKLǨ M M̂