Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 9

CONTRACT NEWS PUTNEY PROTECTION PIER PROJECT A PAC high security access control system with bespoke panel has been installed in to a new lavish apartment development in London’s exclusive Putney. Oakhill Park is a luxurious residential development in south west London, featuring 60 distinctive, elegant apartments, underground parking, private gym and landscaped gardens, complete with concierge services. The combination of stylish design, exceptional construction and outstanding facilities are reflected in all aspects of the development, right through to the security systems in place. A PAC EasiNet residential access control system has been installed at Oakhill Park by Access Control Solutions to control all 14 external doors, from the main entrance through to the bike store. It is operating on a PC managed by the concierge. EasiNet residential security management software is designed to simplify keyholder management, reduce administration costs, plus deliver maximum flexibility and system integrity. The very latest PAC 512 two door controllers with high frequency (HF) readers have been incorporated into the system providing AES128bit certified high security, which dramatically reduces the risk of token cloning and the risk of unauthorised access. An electric underfloor heating (EUH) from Heat Mat has been installed as part of £14.2m refurbishment of historic Hastings Pier. For the refurbishment – funded largely by the Heritage Lottery Fund – a traditional wet system was ruled out because it would simply have been too great a load for the flooring in the Pavilion Restaurant & Bar, and visitor centre, housed within the original superstructure, which was left after fire finally closed the Victorian attraction in 2010. Perched over the English Channel on the original cast iron structure, the large expanse of floor has to handle the constant influx of visitors to the reborn attraction, which played host to top pop and rock acts such as the Rolling Stones, The Who and Pink Floyd in the 1960s. Minimising the load X\[\][\YܙH܈]\H\^[[ HUR\]Y[YHۙ\\[ [HX][XH[ MX][X]X[YX\YHX]X] \[]X[H۝YHYHX]X]\XܙY[\[]˂\YHHH[\܈X]YXZ[[\XKH[][][ HܙH[Y[[\\H]Y[\HUR[YK[XYH\\Hو\H[YBSTQT‘ZXx&\[\\]\K][\܈X][\Y[[[Y\\وHڙX\H\ܚXZ[[[[XYx&\›]\ٙXHXK[Y\X[\H][\[[\܈X[H\۝\YHܛY\Q^ܙٙX\&HY\[[\ٙXHX[[][ۋHܘYH \YZ[[XX[H\ۈH LYX\X\K[Y\ݙ[X\\H\[\[Hٙ\[\XYٙXHXH܈X[[YY][H^Y\[Y\ˈ][HܚY[[X\KY][ۘ[[[[YYX]ܜ]HY[]Z[Y [Y\[]H\Y]\˂]\HX[X[]Z[X[ۈ\Y[YYHZ[[[[[[\YXH][\H\YYH]\˜\X\[Y[ˈ\KH۝\[[\X\H\Y[\XY][\܈X][[XYوYX]ܜˈH]˜Z[[[Y[\\\[[Y[[\X\]HYH[HYY][XKSQHUTRTHԐB[][\[YIH۝X܈Y[]H[YHۈ[[[][ۈ]H]0̌BY[X[[][ۈ[YH[^]\[]\Y[[][ۈ\[\ TH[[ \][^KH]Hܙ^HY[X[[][ۂ[YH[X[[]H Y[Y\[\\\H[HوY[˜\\Y[][HK[[ۈH[ٙX\ˈ\[H[\ۜX[ۋHڙX\YH܈\][ۈ[X\H\[X\Y[\Y[\ۜXH܈\Yۈ][Y[[[[][ۈو[IH\X\[\˜[[Y]YY][H[X[وH\BYܘ[[YH[\XYZ[[Y˂[][\YY[ ^ [[H[[܈HڙXX\[[YY]BܜYܜۈXX܈HHY[X[K\[˜XۛX]H[X\\YقH[X\Y[YYZ[[˂H[[]ܚ\[\Y\B[\X\H\ܝ[][&\[Z\XB^H\[H[X\HۛXXH\] X\[[Y[HY[\\Y]HZ[[˂Y[[[Y[Z\XH^H܈[HXZ[X[[HܜYܜۛX[]\]ZXH[[\H]H\[x&\[ܙ]YH\ۈ\[\˂]X\[X&\\\]]][H[\Y܈[ۈH0̛H]Z[IH[[Y\[۝X܈H HZ\H\Y[X[ڙX[YY˂]YYX[H]\Z\K[H[BوH]Hݙ\[H[\[]X\\B\Y[\ Lܙ^H HZ\HYY][Y[\\\ M ۙH[Y\\Y[[Y[]H^\H[\\]\]ٙXHXK[^\]Hۈ]H\Y[[B[ LN]]HX\H\\[X\8$œݚY[[]X]H]\۝][ۈ[X]H[ܚ[[[]][\HH\XKH HZ\HڙX\Z[[]\YB\^HۜX[ۈ\HXZ[۝X܋ܚ[ۈZ[و KۙHوHܝ\8&\œ[ZY\][Y[\[Y\]Hݙ[XXܙ[Hݚ\[ۈوY[ ^K]]\Y\[\Y^Hܛ\X\˂[]X[[[[ܛ[ܚۈBڙX[Y[Y[]H MH[HڙX\Y[Y܈\][ۈHX\ M˂HXZܚ]Hو]X\[X&\\[X[IHܚ˜Y\ۈX[HHX\H\[]B[XX[[[][ۈ[[Y[\\[B[XX[ݚ\[ۈ[[XX[X]\\™[\[[[Y\[HY[[[^\[Y[ˈX\۝[[Y\]X[ۈ\[H\H[[YY SґP[HX\ٝ[\][ۈوHX[XZ[[[X\[ڙX܈HX[XZ[ܛ\ БH\Y[]\YH۝X™\Yۋ\K[[[[Z\[ۈ[YHY]H[X\]H\[\H][]\][H[[[ۙۋ\[\]YK]\]YH]X[ۋ\YۙYH\]XZ[ۂYY^HY[[ݚYH^\Y[\[ۙNH[]\][H XZ[Z[ \]ܜ[]HH[H^ܙH L YX\›وX[\ܞH[][ Y][\ۙۈYHHٙXx&\™ܙ[Z[^KH][]\][H^ܙ\[\Y\و[\[˜[\\[]\\ܞHYH\[[وH[\XKHY[ H[\]YH\ [[\[[\]BܙX]YX[\HH[\XH\ܞK\[H[Y”X[XZ[ܛ\ БH[Hܚ[]\\[܈[\H[\H۝\]Z\Y[ \H]X[ۈ[\X[\[]X\[[[܂[Y\[HXH[][X][ۋ\XY\۸&\[][\\[UKUX[\HH]Y[\]Y[H[X[ۈQSB\[\ˈБx&\X\]H\\[H܈Y[܈[K[܈X\۝ [H\YYHR\[ۈ[ۙ^][[HݚY[[Y\]X[ۈ\]Z\Y[ B NH۝X]˚[BN ̌ M LB