Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 49

HVAC SPECIAL FEATURE TEST OF TIME FREE DIVERSION Vent-Axia’s first T-Series fan rolled off the Crawley production lines in 1986 and has gone on to sell an incredible 1.4 million fans sold since. Made in Britain, the popular T-Series has been manufactured at Vent-Axia’s Crawley facilities in West Sussex since its launch. Known for its robustness and quality, the T-series’ high quality design has stood the test of time and has evolved with new and improved motors, impellers and grilles. With both window and wall options available, the T-Series meets ERP regulations and is both durable and reliable. A patented electronic shutter system ensures quiet, trouble free operation and sensors and auto mode controllers save energy by only switching the ventilation units on when needed and when the room is occupied. Available with four sizes of extract/intake fans and an easy fit connector top socket allowing fast and trouble free mains connection, the T-Series is easy to install and replace. Due to its continued popularity, when older models of the T-Series need replacing it’s straightforward to replace like-for-like with no need for rewiring, thus saving time on site. A company with a strong British heritage, Vent-Axia, is celebrating 80 years this year. For further information visit: www.vent-axia.com Heatrae Sadia has launched Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready, an unvented cylinder that heats hot water for free by harnessing excess electricity generated by domestic solar PV arrays. Around 877,000 homes in the UK have solar PV panels installed. However, it is estimated that 50 per cent of users are not consuming the power produced by their PV panels. The Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready cylinder has been designed to ensure any surplus electricity can be used to heat hot water, free of charge, in turn reducing utility bills. Any power that is generated in addition to the household’s normal requirements will be diverted to the cylinder, rather than being sent to the grid. The water is heated to the desired temperature, controlled by a thermostat, ready for the household to use when required, with high performance insulation keeping the water hot. To avoid any draw from the grid, a ‘buffer’ of energy will be retained; typically, if there is 2.2kW of export energy, the controller will divert 2kW into the cylinder’s immersion heater, leaving a 200kW buffer. Megaflo Eco Solar PV Ready can be used in conjunction with any PV array, whether existing or new. For further information visit: www.heatraesadia.com QUIET OPERATOR Vortice has a number of heat recovery units in different sizes. The Vort HR350 Avel is designed for houses with up to seven wet rooms and is another SAP Appendix Q eligible MVHR unit for the Vortice family of energy efficient heat recovery products. The HR350 Avel unit has a 100 per cent fully filtered summer bypass with optional timed manual activation, which constantly maintains healthy indoor air quality. The unit offers a very low decibel rating which ensures quiet operation within the home. It has a removable hinged access door for easy installation and maintenance and is suitable for vertical mounting. The HR350 Avel is controlled by a wired LCD electronic controller which displays the unit’s status. It has integrated frost protection and easily accessible G3 filters as standard (optional F5 filters available). Vortice has a whole range of energy efficient ventilation products from bathroom and kitchen fans to commercial fans and heat recovery units. For further information visit www.vortice.ltd.uk PARK LIFE Sontay’s innovative GS-S and GS-S-CO sensors ensure adequate levels of ventilation in car parks. An important requirement for car park sensing is ensuring that there is adequate ventilation. The GS-S and GS-S-CO ranges are a useful tool as they have the ability to monitor CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2. The GS-S is a range of 4-20mA loop powered gas sensors that are fitted into a robust housing and can detect NO2, O2 and SO2. The devices have a wide supply voltage range of 7.5 to 35Vdc and their accuracy is not affected by its positioning. The GS-S-CO offers real time detection for carbon monoxide measurement and is available in Modbus compatible versions for smart communication. It includes selectable outputs; voltage or current and uses a long life electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, which makes it specifically suitable for use in car parks, as well as loading bays and warehouses. The accurate and reliable range has a robust housing suitable for car park and industrial application and comes with a five year sensor lifetime guarantee. For further information visit: www.sontay.com SMART CIRCULATION Airflow Developments has released the next generation of its MVHR ventilation units – the Adroit MVHR range. Passive House certified, and SAP Appendix Q eligible, the systems should be considered during the design and planning stages of a property in order to provide effective ‘whole house’ ventilation and help maximise energy efficien