Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 48

SPECIAL FEATURE HVAC E3 PHONE HOME A new wireless programmer for Electrorad’s range of Digi-Line electric radiators has been unveiled. Named Touch E3, the new control hub with Wi-Fi gateway and App enables wireless control and direct management of home heating over the Internet from anywhere in the world. In conjunction with an unobtrusive and easy to use touch screen control unit that may be wall mounted or free standing anywhere in the home, homeowners can control all of the heating functions using a smartphone, tablet or PC courtesy of Electrorad’s CleverTouch App that is available for iOS and Android. Featuring constant and auto programming modes, as well as reduced night setbacks, time override, frost protection and holiday modes. Touch E3 also incorporates an inbuilt energy monitor that provides energy usage data for complete energy management. Multiple zones may also be created within the home. The CleverTouch App enables the heating status of each room in the property to be seen at a glance; including the current room temperature, the current heating mode and the thermostat set point. Any room or zone can be simply selected in order to change temperature settings, programs and heating modes. For further information visit: www.electrorad.co.uk UNDERCOVER STORY Heat Mat supplies and specifies high quality systems for the professional installation sector, manufacturing easy install electric underfloor heating (EUH) for retrofit, refurbishment and new build projects, providing full technical support from setting up a thermostat to installation advice – also delivering bespoke solutions for specific needs. Heat Mat runs installer training sessions around Britain, offering the theory and practice of EUH for those already familiar with the systems and those keen to know more. Handmade in Europe and covered by lifetime and extended warranties, Heat Mat’s product range includes 110W, 160W, 200W and underlaminate underfloor heating mats; undertile and in-screed heating cables; mirror demisters, thermostat options and ice and snow melting systems for roof, gutter and pipe protection. Heat Mat EUH is particularly important where space and weight is at a premium, such as in high end city sites, but also increasingly as wall heating for applications for which various floor surfaces may be specified. Products are available from a network of UK distributors, including wholesalers. For further information visit: www.heatmat.co.uk NO SLUMP EnviroVent has launched the Fast Track Range of semirigid ducting, offering a complete solution for energy efficient, airtight and rapid install ducting. A comprehensive portfolio of ductwork and component parts, the Fast Track Range can be installed quickly and easily, even by less experienced installers. The new Fast Track Range of semi-rigid ducting is available in various circular and semi-circular dimensions. All ductwork can connect to one universal distribution box by use of adaptors. There are three sizes of ducting to suit domestic and small non-domestic systems. The air distribution boxes meet with Airtightness Class C (EN12237) and provide easy post-installation access to restrictors and for maintenance. Semirigid ducting outperforms flexible ducting as it maintains a fixed diameter for airflow by avoiding ‘slump’. When this occurs in flexible ducting, it can restrict airflow as well as resulting in a pooling of condensation in the pipework. When ducting is selected and installed correctly, it can improve and prolong the efficiency of the whole system, leading to long term low maintenance. EnviroVent provides a comprehensive choice of energy efficient and sustainable ventilation products. The company prides itself on manufacturing the Lifetime Range products at its factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. For further information visit: www.envirovent.com QUIETLY EFFECTIVE Airedale’s Comfort cooling range offers a wide choice of capacities and unit types to meet the needs of virtually any retail, commercial, health and leisure environment. Each solution is adaptable, creating reduced running costs and high level efficiency. The StoreMaster 50kW – 77kW range of fully-packed/split system air conditioning units offer the flexibility of cooling or heating, with the addition of a highly efficient reverse cycle, dual circuit heat pump option and significantly reduces life cycle costs. The Chilled Water Cassette 2kW – 11kW is designed to optimise energy efficiency and air distribution performance, combining flexibility and quality with quiet operation and effective control. A compact unit, it is both smart and unobtrusive. The smaller sized model measures just 600mm 2 and will fit into the space of a standard ceiling tile. It provides a versatile solution for a wide range of commercial, retail and leisure applications where maintaining comfortable temperature control of the environment is essential. With a diverse choice of options in terms of heating, cooling and airflow, the cassette allows the optimum model to be selected. For further information visit: http://www.airedale.com/web/ Products/Comfort-Cooling.htm DRY SPEED Redring has launched its new compact and rapid drying HD1W Mini jet hand dryer. Hands free for hygienic operation, the HD1W features an automatic heat sensing eco function that activates the heating element only when the ambient temperature is cold, for optimum energy efficiency and low running costs. The Redring HD1W offers outstanding performance for a 180x260mm unit with a 10 second drying time and the total power rating of 1,300W is even lower (650W) if the heater is not engaged. The high airflow speed of 60m/sec means hands dry very quickly but a 40 second autotimer function prevents energy being wasted. The HD1W’s white painted stainless steel cover is durable and easy to clean, the robust construction and vandal resistant security fixings offering peace of mind to building owners. The dryer is supplied complete with a fitted power cable, a 13A UK plug and comes with a one year warranty. For further information visit: www.redring.co.uk MESHED UP RABScreens provides external mesh protection screens, also known as air intake screens, for all air movement equipment. The filter media is an engineered mesh composed of polyester and polypropylene. The polyester is negatively charged and polypropylene is positively charged and air movement excites the mesh to create an electrostatic charge. Airborne contaminants are attracted to this charge and are captured by the mesh. The air intake screens can improve efficiency and save energy by reducing the clogging effect of airborne debris, save you money by extending the life of your filters and reduce the number of maintenance visits required. They are very easy to install, especially with the new MagnaMount, and will start working immediately. Distributor installers are available throughout the UK and Europe. For further information visit: www.rabscreen.com 48