Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 46

SPECIAL FEATURE HVAC Hospitals are under mounting pressure to do more with less. the same time will impact negatively upon the energy performance. Such changes can also result in lower employee productivity, higher energy bills and increased building maintenance costs. However, recommissioning, extending or upgrading a BMS which is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet with the activities of the hospital in the future, can change all of this. Health check The challenges faced by healthcare providers means that ensuring operational efficiency is vital. It is imperative that healthcare institutions get health check of their own as well. This will allow them not only to check whether they are resilient and getting the most of out their infrastructure – but also to check whether they are compliant with the standards in operation. Consultants can help with resilience testing services to ensure security and assurance, along with design and audit services to help with upgrading any systems and providing retrofits, as well as providing strategy and advice. Understanding the condition and performance of a hospital’s systems and infrastructure is key to improving safety and efficiency. A successful and effective BMS system is at the core of the ability to do just this. The direct implications on health and wellbeing of patients, together with the need to ensure hygiene and cleanliness, and operational considerations make a BMS a significant factor in ensuring successful outcomes of patients. Connected, intelligent controls and equipment can now deliver greater insight into the performance of hospital facilities and can provide a significant, measurable return on investment. The opportunities for savings that exist cannot be accessed through the traditional building approach as this leads to a hospital infrastructure with disparate systems, duplication of infrastructure and inefficient communication. A significant investment has been made over many years into developing solutions and technologies that can unlock savings, improve operational productivity and patient safety. These solutions are now a reality and are helping healthcare providers do more with less across the world. ADVERTISEMENT GLAND PACK EVOLUTION The Metway Connection Centre The simple, flexible and cost effective solution for your lighting installation * * * * * * * * * 12A max load 8 and 10 output units Dual channel switching Dual channel dimming Pluggable PIRs with dimming capability Dual latching outputs Pluggable communicating detector options Single fix moulded construction Available in black/blue & black/grey configurations Remember the last time you terminated an SWA cable? Struggling with two spanners or grips, tightening the thin locknut? With plastic enclosures, tightening the banjo earth tag between two locknuts and bending it to get a good earth using a nut and bolt in a confined space? Professional electricians have for years had to overcome the problems of terminating SWA cables to metal and plastic enclosures with no quick or easy solutions – until now! Specialised Wiring Accessories Ltd have launched what they claim is a revolutionary new cable gland pack called Tauras with everything to make the job easier in one complete kit. The Tauras gland range incorporates everything in one kit including the awardwinning EarthingNut™ which vastly simplifies fitting, giving 60% quicker durable terminations compliant with BS7671 to both plastic and metal enclosures every time. The process is literally painless! Once you've tried Tauras it will hit you just how much you really hate the old gland packs! No more hunting for nuts and bolts or crimps, extra hole drilling, pinched fingers, skinned knuckles, or getting your spanner or grips into an impossible space – we've all been there! Don't take their word for it – scan the QR code with a Smartphone and see Tauras for yourself. Not just time saving, but a gland providing a better job every time, offering high integrity earthing connections and easy EMC shielding. Don't leave cable earthing to chance – join the termination revolution! Contact us for more information: sales@metway.co.uk | 01273 431600 | metway.co.uk 44-46 HVAC – Schneider.indd 46 19/07/2016 15:59