Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 36

SPECIAL FEATURE HVAC Landlords must consider any request from tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their property. In electrically heated homes, replacing an outdated storage heating system or incorrectly specified electric radiators with an energy efficient solution like the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater can significantly reduce energy bills and help to meet the standards which are soon to be required from rental properties. And with 4.1 million private landlords in the UK, it is a huge market to target. Ecodesign The European Union’s Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) sets out minimum mandatory requirements for the efficiency of certain products, including household appliances, information and communication technologies. It is part of a continuing drive by the EU and its member states to replace energy consuming products with more efficient models. The UK could now alter or remove these requirements but, in order to supply product to the EU, British businesses will have to comply. As part of this, the Energy Labelling Directive sets out mandatory labelling requirements for certain products, as has been the case with gas boilers, lightbulbs, washing machines and fridge freezers for example. We have already seen the positive impact this had on sales of white goods and I expect the same of electric heating appliances. Although the requirements of Ecodesign do not apply for local space heaters until at least 2017 (subject to Brexit n YX][ۜو\JKX[YX\\\H[XYH][[Z\\X[\[\H\X[KZ[Y[YHوXY\œX\[\]و[\[\˜ۛX]]H[[[Y[۝™]HYXY[K]\Z[H\[YX[۝Xܜš]HX\HX[\]]\XBو[XXX][XXYK[X[H][YHX\ ܂]X[]H[]وHX\] [\H\Y[\’[X\H\]][ۈ[X\]]]ܚ]H PJHX\Y]Z[و]œ[YܛHH[\HX\] [\\]][ۈ[[\Y\‚]H]\X[ HYܛ\XYB]X\Y\܈[H][\BݚY\]^H[[[ݙYB\\Y[KXYX[ۜ[Y\˜[ۛHHH\ܙH\Y܈[XX]KH[H\\YۙYXZH]X\Y\܈\Y\HH\Y][YH\\]\\X[ٙ\XZ\Y[[Z\H[[\[[XX[BX]YY\˂[\H\Y\[\Yۈ\Y™܈XYX\Y\ܛ\[][H܈܈8&[YHو\x&H\YX[[Y]HY\\[ٙ\XZ™[XXX][\X[\[[XX]\[[\˂Y\ܘYX][[XH[X\][\[[Y\\Y\X\][\Y\[H[]\YH[\K[܈[ݚ[‘[\^ \K\XX[Y\HZ[Y[[Y\ۛYBوH\[x&\[Hوݙ\ Xˈ[ݚ[ۈXYBX\][X[Y\܈\\\[Y ۛYH[^\Y[HZ[Y[BH\\[\x&\8&\H8&H]\[  \\[H\X\][™\X܈Y\[HX[Y[H\Y]BوX[\[\[ۂ[\K]YH\Y\YX[X][˜[ۜX[ۋU•\[X\ܚY\‚]Z[XB^BH[\\B]X[]H[YX˜]YܙXHX\“[ܙHX\[\[܈][\]B\\[H[\H[[[H]XB\XHܛHHXZ[]]\HTЂXBH H U܈TYX]ŒKH H U܈[ؚ[Hۙ\Š[]] H ˍH܈\\\[وX]Š\\Y\\؈]ۈHX\]] PH[]] BX[Y[Y [[HX\Y\M L͌‚H\HX\H[[HH]Z[X[]Hو\U[HوXܘ]]HTЈ]‚^[H\[X\ܚY\HQ M\]\Y Y[[K\^N T []Y[JB[\ۙK  L  L X[Z[K  L L ˘Y Y[X˘˝Z[Y Y[X˘˝Z‚ L͈P8$[\^ [ ͂NK ̌ M N