Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 25

COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION Understanding how to protect customer assets is key for any installer. PROTECT AND SERVE One of the main priorities for business owners is securing, protecting and future proofing assets. Effective cable management and the use of ATEX approved enclosures are just a few of the measures that can add value to businesses and protect them from unnecessary expenditure caused by downtime. Steve Slater at HellermannTyton explains how installers and specifiers can help protect the commercial sector through effective cable management, while complying with the latest legislation. A s with all installations, protection against possible fire outbreaks is at the top of business owners’ priorities with insurance fees and downtime impacting businesses. Understanding how to protect customer assets is key for any installer and one way to ensure the commercial sector is secure is through the use of products that comply with relevant legislation and of the correct specification and quality. Enclosures are one of the ways businesses can protect themselves as they provide a secure place to house potentially dangerous cabling and equipment. However, businesses must comply with important legislation to ensure their wiring is operating in the safest environment to defend against the risk of fire and explosions. Enclosures When companies perform risk assessments, they should identify what hazards exist and the next steps in managing these conditions. The European directive ATEX 94/9/CE states that it is compulsory to use UV\YYY[\\[\]Z\Y[[[X[H^]K\[\܈\B\X\YXHHZ[ZوYۚ][ۂ[H[\و[^[ۋ\HقHܜXHXYYY[\\[X\ܚY\\YܙHٙ\HܝXX[][ۈX[[XX[[[][ۜš[Y\[[][ۜ˂[XY[X[\H\B\][ۋ\H\HX[HX]\\˜ۜY\XܜX\H][ۂ[H[\ۛY[[X][H[[Y [\[X\X[]KBZYو[\[\]Z\Y[ \][[\\]\\Y]H[X\]BBKL[Y\X[[[][ۈ8$ [ BN ̌ M L