Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 18

PROJECT FOCUS ROYAL COURT THEATRE, LIVERPOOL Recessed LED strip lights in the terrace floor have been specified to light the façade. STAGE PRESENCE Russell Drury reports on the refurbishment of the Art Deco Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool in a mechanical and electrical scheme designed by Steven Hunt & Associates. L iverpool’s Royal Court Theatre has been part of the city’s cultural landscape since it was first opened as ‘Cooke’s Royal New Circus’ in 1826. Redesigned and reopened on the same site as the Royal Court in 1881, it was destroyed by fire during a performance in 1933 before being rebuilt again in the Art Deco style and reopened to audiences in 1938. The theatre has been entertaining audiences in the same building ever since and has played host to some of the acting profession’s most illustrious names, including Lawrence Olivier, John Gielgud, Vivienne Leigh and Judi Dench, who made her acting debut there in 1957. It also forms an important part of Liverpool’s architectural heritage, standing out as an Art Deco landmark in a city blessed with an embarrassment of architectural riches, including its Unesco Heritage Site waterfront. Phased refurbishment To ensure that theatre goers can continue to enjoy the building’s enviable heritage and sumptuous surroundings for gen \][ۜYKHX[\]\\\X\ٝ[HX\Y[[HH]\X[Y[ۘ[][Y[[ TH\BLK[HوH\]HY\\Y[ ^Z[][[H][[\X]\8&HY\\Y[[YB\Y[]YY[\\܈8&X&H][[XHHX]H[XZ[[܂\]XوHܘ[[YH\XK[HڙX\[[\^K&H0KHX H[\ݙ[Y[B]Y]ܚ][H\H\]Y[ L[H]\[YH[ٛܛHHX]B\H0HX ܘ[[YH[[œY\\Y[وH[[H[ܛ[܈\[][ۈ\X\[Y[[^[[ۂ[ܙX\HH[وHXX\X\˂X H0̋[H][\وH[۞H[\[Y[][\[Y܈ M[X [[HۜX[ۈوH[[°K[Hٝ[YK\[Z[[Y &BNN LNHڙX\˚[ NN ̌ M LB