Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 16

TRAINING ELECTRICAL APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR WINNER ANNOUNCED The first ever NICEIC and ELECSA Electrical Apprentice of the Year competition, sponsored by Scolmore Group, reached its conclusion on Thursday, 9th June, when 22 year old apprentice electrician Mark Lee from Essex was awarded the prestigious title. Mark was one of eight competitors to reach the Grand Final which took part at Scolmore Group’s head offices in Tamworth, Staffs. The competition was launched in December 2015 and attracted nearly 400 entrants from across the UK. At the awards ceremony and BBQ evening which followed at The Belfry Hotel, the winner and runner up were announced. Mark was presented with a holiday voucher worth £2,000. All eight finalists were given an engraved glass trophy, an iPad and a kit bag containing an array of Scolmore’s electrical accessories, plus a selection of tools. Mark said, ‘I can’t believe it. It is an unreal feeling. I never thought I would get this far. I thought I would give it a go and just see how I compared. The whole contest has been amazing and we have all been made to feel really proud of ourselves so winning it feels like a really big achievement.’ JIB LAUNCHES SCHOLARSHIP GRANT A new scholarship grant that will award £3,000 to an individual studying in the electrical industry has been launched by the Joint Industry Board (JIB). The aim of the scholarship is to promote higher level studies, such as a MA, MSc or General Law Master’s degree course. Following a recent increase in applications for degree level courses, the JIB decided to launch the scholarship to support those wishing to study at postgraduate level. Following completion of a Master’s level course, there may be opportunities through the Skills Development Fund to progress to a PhD. To be eligible for the grant, candidates must be graded as an Approved Electrician as a minimum and either employed by a JIB member company, or registered as unemployed. Andy Reakes, secretary to the JIB Skills Development Fund, explained, ‘The Committee is hopeful this grant can either assist someone who is undertaking a relevant Master’s degree, or provide the opportunity to someone who is considering advancing their academic understanding of the industry. Those undertaking this level of study should be commended, as it’s a difficult challenge and a genuine commitment. We hope this financial assistance eases the process.’ YOUNG ETHNIC MINORITY AMBASSADORS JOIN JTL’S CAMPAIGN TO PROMOTE CAREERS IN BUILDING SERVICES JTL has enlisted the help of six young black and ethnic minority apprentices to encourage other school leavers to consider a career in the building services trades. The scheme sees the young people, who are currently on an apprenticeship or already working in the building services engineering sector (as electricians and plumbers), come together to help raise awareness of the range of opportunities that exist for black and ethnic minority youths. Spread across England and Wales, the new JTL Ambassadors will talk to other young people about the pleasures and pitfalls of their chosen careers. JTL operates a similar Ambassador scheme for young women. Such has been its success that since it was set up three years ago, the original group of 10 female Ambassadors has grown to its current 23 young women. Yasmin Damree-Ralph, equality and diversity manager at JTL, said, ‘There’s clearly an issue to be addressed here and we’re taking some positive steps to start redressing the balance and to help all young people have the fullest range of career options available to them.’ CHARITY’S HEALTH WARNING ON TRAINING COURSE Electrical Safety First has issued a health warning regarding one day training [Y\܈\X[Xو[XX[[[][ۜš[RY\˂Z[YY]\^[ܜ[[\H\\ܜH0H\KX][\\]][[ٙ\\H[H^x&\Z[[˜[Y[X\\وHTU UH[XX[Y]H\^[܈Y[X\\[YK][XX[Y]H\\]Y\YYB\H8$[YX][\8$وHZ[[\[Z[\[ܛX][ۈ\Y[H]Z[XK[H\]H\[ۘ\Y]][YHۙ\[ۈ\[Y[\[XX[Y]HX˂&H\][ۈوH\H][\^[8&H[Y[Y[XK\X܈[\[و[XX[Y]H\ 8&][Y\܈^[\KHY\[HY[YZ[H^H\ۙ[وHۜ[Y\[] \\HX\HXۚ\[[ۜ[Y\[] [H[ۛH\X[HXY]\[ \\۸&]YYXX[\Z[[[[][[H[]YHۜ[Y\[][HYH\HZ[Y ٙ\[ۘ[[XXX[&][]\ܝ[X]\X[܈\\HX\H]\][]X[YH[H[\ZHH[[XX[[X[ۈ[\[ܚ܈\]H[[XX[[X[ۈۙ][ۈ\ܝ RPԊK]8&\YX[YHH]\Y[][Y &BQPHTUQPTѕSUH RSTBTPTSQPH\[X][H\]Hو]H]X[YYYQPHX\YHXXX[[X\YH\Yۙ\˂QPx&\X\YHXXX[ܘ[[YH\]\Yœ\X\[X\ٝ[H\]H LZ[[\\[Y[HQPH[\ TXX[[]ܚ[œˈ][Y\X\ٝ[H]pTU[0TS\YX][ۈ\H\[Y]H]H Z[XܙY]YX\YHXXX[\YX]K[Z[\K\X\[X\ٝ[H\]HQPx&\”X\YH\Yۙ\XX]\[ZYZ[[\\BH\Yۙ\ Y[[YH[[XH\YۈZ[[œXY\[\HTQ\YX][ۋ\H\[Y]B]H Z[XܙY]YX\YH\Yۙ\\YX]KZZH\ [\[\X܈][\]\][ۜ\[H]H Z[X\XXX[X[^[\\[\[\\[\XوYHXKZZH[Y[Y 8&HܛYH[YYH\H[[]H[^[[\[[܈^[[^H\[\[BYHXHX\] \[\[ܙX\[^HۛYH[\X\HY\H]H][\^\Y[H[QPx&\]H Z[˜XܙY]][ۈ[YH\[H[ܙHٙ\[ۘ[[XYB[X[Y[[]\YHܙX]\ۙY[H[[^B]\X\˸&BSSӈTVHUSSPPPU•H M[[XXX]]HٙHZ[\]YH[[Y[XXX[Z[\[[[[[\˂Y\ܚ[[YH[H[[[]H\[[[][ۈ]\YH[[HوZ\[XX[X[]Y\H[\\HY\΂([\ZY[8$[\ Hۈ[YK[[¸([\ H\[ۙ NKY[ H[XX[(]\[[ HZXY[[X\ۋ ]•]\ۈ[\\“ۘH[Y[ۘ[X]]HY[\]Y BY\ܚ[\]]ܜHXܛHR[™ܝ\Hܘ[[[]H[Z[[M LN]ݙ[X\]H\Z[[HPˈ]B][ \]]ܜ[XHHܝY[[YH^H\[H]Y\HY[[XXR[\[ۋXZ[XXۘ[ Sو[\H\]HU ܛ[ M\]][ۈ\\ZY 8&[[XXœݚY\[ܝ[]H܈H\[\[\Hœ\HZ\X[]Y\[H][و[[XX[^[[H\]Z\Yܚ\[[XXX[\\šY[H[\ܝ[]H[YH[H[\H\[YYق] [[ܙH[[[H\HۜY\[B][ۘ[]H[^HX]H &BMMLMZ[[K[ MN ̌ M LN