Electrical Contracting News (ECN) August 2016 - Page 13

L E T O H NEW TCH I W S D R A KEYC ING CIRCUITS OLLING LIGHT LE FOR CONTR SUITAB AVAILABLE IN BOTH NEW MEDIA™ WHITE AND BLACK TRIM Features and Benefits • 50 x 50 Euro Module - designed to fit any euro-module plates within our ranges • Product will match all CLICK decorative & white moulded ranges • Key Card Module and facia plates sold separately • Time delay variable between 10 seconds & 5 minutes via hidden potentiometer on front of plate - improves energy-savings by reducing the amount of time the lights (and/or appliances) are left on • Connection terminals suitable for 2 x 1.5mm² cable • Suitable for standard cards and credit cards 85.60 × 53.98 mm - will work readily with hotels’ card entry system cards • Power LED indicator - also assists with locating the switch in the dark • Suitable for switching Inductive loads of 6AX and resistive loads of 10A. call: 01827 63454 J2135 ECN August ad - Key Card.indd 1 Untitled-2 1 email: sales@scolmore.com visit: www.scolmore.com 29/06/2016 14:37:31 13/07/2016 12:15