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Russell Drury casts his eye over the latest lighting products on the market .
Kosnic ’ s Blanka bulkhead with integrated LED tray .

Out of all sectors in the electrical market it is hard to argue against lighting being the ‘ glamour ’ subject . Its everyday influence on our lives is constant , even when we are not aware of it . Whether it ’ s in a supermarket , sports stadium , office or our own living rooms , lighting plays a prominent role in our ability to work , rest and play . Get the wrong level of light in an office environment and your productivity will suffer , choose a poor lighting scheme in your shop and your sales will dip . The balance between natural and artificial light is key to creating the right atmosphere , whatever the environment . Many commercial projects present the ideal showcase for lighting manufacturers to demonstrate their expertise – as exemplified by the MS Braemar case study ( page 72 ).

The competition in the lighting manufacturing market is therefore fierce and companies continue to strive to improve their products , ensuring their lamps ’ output is as effective as it can be , while at the same time maintaining high levels of energy efficiency . Installers are a key avenue between the manufacturers and the consumers , as they are able to provide advice to end customers on the most appropriate products for a particular job , and at the same time identify gaps in the market for manufacturers to exploit .
Kosnic Lighting noted a growing demand for a one-size-fits-all bulkhead product , which has led to the development of its new IP65 / IK10 rated Blanca LED bulkhead range – a universal , easy to install modular lighting solution that can be
used for both plain utility style outdoor
and decorative indoor applications . A choice
of two slim bulkhead bases offer either a standard utility ‘ fixed lamp ’ low cost option , with integrated 12W LED tray , or an ‘ interchangeable lamp ’ version that works with Kosnic ’ s LED DD lamps , of which there are 12 different variants . In terms of design , there are four polo style clip-on decorative rim attachments in white , chrome , brass or black eyelid rim finishes .
Together , the range allows for a total of 120 different product combinations , making it no longer necessary to purchase numerous items to cater for all requirements .
A push-wire connector inside the bulkhead makes wiring quick and easy . The low profile base means that the lamp sits much lower in the unit to create more light distribution , even when the three-hour emergency option is fitted . An upgraded diffuser delivers an impressive 75 per cent transmittance for the variety of LED DD lamps , including a new 12W dimmable version and the new Dusk to Dawn LED DD in 9W , 12W or 18W .
Dextra Lighting ’ s ModLED Office
LED Tuffstrip by Maxilux
Retrofit applications
With an entirely new range of lumen packages the output of Dextra Lighting ’ s ModLED Office has been optimised to suit a range of common ceiling heights and spacings found in retrofit applications , as well as higher lumen packages designed to suit new build projects where luminaire spacings can be as wide as 3x3m yet still providing compliant lux levels and uniformity . These revised lumen packages are designed to meet the required lux levels precisely ensuring that the lighting wattage per metre squared is reduced to the minimum , providing optimum energy saving and return on investment .
These efficiencies have been achieved without compromising optical control , UGR19 compliance is available in virtually all lumen packages and room sizes and all ranges comply with the 3000cd / m2 glare requirements of BS EN12464 .
Listen to wholesalers
Communication with wholesalers can also be hugely beneficial , as demonstrated by Maxilux , which has interviewed wholesalers about their needs and how to ‘ debunk the mythology ’ that LED strip lighting is difficult to install . Maxilux has responded by bringing two new innovations to market – 25m reels of PU coated LED strip and solder free connectors which are both easy to use and extremely strong . The Coventry based company , which includes iconic landmarks such as the Emirates Stadium , Twickenham and the RSC at Stratford among its prestigious clients , recognises that the market for LED strip is increasing as customers understand how it can give shape and feel to a room which is difficult to achieve with conventional lighting .
Richard Cockayne , managing director of Maxilux , says , ‘ On the
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