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Alarm interconnection
Better quality CO alarms have the ability to be interconnected with each other ( if you are fitting more than one CO alarm per property ) and with other life safety systems , including BS5839 Part 1 and 6 smoke / heat alarms , telecare / warden call systems and sprinkler systems . In certain circumstances this provides added safety for occupants , especially the more vulnerable such as the elderly and those living in sheltered accommodation .
Interconnecting CO alarms with each other , or even with smoke / heat alarms in the property , increases audibility , giving occupants the best chance of exiting the property safely . When one unit goes into alarm , all the alarms interconnected on the system will sound . The use of wireless alarm interconnection is ideal here as it removes the need for hard wiring and so will minimise disruption or the need to redecorate .
When interlinking CO and smoke / heat alarms on the same system , a method of identifying the source of the alarm – smoke or CO – is essential .
Selecting a CO alarm
So you ’ ve assessed all the above points and you ’ re ready to choose an alarm ! But do you base your decision on price , brand , alarm features or a combination ?
As we are dealing with life safety protection it is vital that you choose a good
quality CO alarm that is able to provide reliable protection to occupants . Buy a low cost alarm with poor quality and it might fail to sound at the critical time of a CO leak . A good quality alarm on the other hand has been made with reliable components that are designed to function to a high performance and to last .
Poor quality , cheap alarms can also lack added functionality and accessories such as the ability to wirelessly interconnect alarms , as mentioned above , and data extraction technology - one of the key new features to hit the market . This facility provides the ability to quickly and easily retrieve useful and meaningful data from the alarm , such as battery life , alarm sensor status , number of times tested , if it ’ s ever been removed and any alarm activation with details of when it occurred . In addition it can even provide information on detection levels of CO during any activations and background CO . This is important as long periods of exposure to low levels of CO , especially for vulnerable people , can cause long term health issues and can also indicate a developing maintenance issue . Aico ’ s AudioLink is an easy to use data extraction technology installed into all Aico CO alarms as standard . AudioLink allows for data to be extracted via the alarm ’ s sounder using the free AudioLink App . The App turns the data into a simple Alarm Status Report , colour coded to identify the urgency of any issue and , in some cases , what action to take next .
Interconnecting alarms with each other increases audibility , giving occupants the best chance of exiting the property safely .
Fitting CO alarms is often seen as the responsibility of gas and heating engineers and the onus on understanding the sources and dangers of CO is often placed on them . However , they are more than likely only able to fit a stand alone battery powered CO alarm . If you are fitting a mains powered fire alarm into a property , check to see what fossil fuel burning appliances are in the property and discuss fitting mains powered CO alarms with the customer . They could be stand alone or even interconnected with the fire alarms . It ’ s good business for you and could be a life saver for your customer .
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