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Heatstore ’ s Intelirad is a radiator that learns your environment and lifestyle .
The Smart Radiator
Now the new Inteliapp is set to make it even easier when it comes to programming your heating .

Heatstore ’ s

reputation has been built on developing and supplying innovative electric heating solutions . Designed and developed by a team of engineers and developers in the UK , Intelirad incorporates the most advanced technologies to give you maximum control over your heating , whether for home or office .
Within a modern busy lifestyle Intelirad does the thinking for you , learning about your environment and lifestyle to then maintain comfortable living temperatures and optimise efficient energy usage .
Brain power
Simply choose when you want heat and at what temperature and let Intelirad do the rest . Intelirad uses its brain to monitor its actions on a room ’ s temperature , working out the best start up time on that particular day .
For further information visit : www . heatstore . co . uk
‘ The Dynamic Intelirad can be controlled , floor by floor or even room by room .’

Introducing the Inteliapp

• State-of-the-art technologies
The new free Intelirad App , or Inteliapp , connects via Bluetooth to make use of the most advanced technologies to offer you total control of your heating from your smartphone or device .
• Set up multiple heaters quickly
Contractors are able to set up multiple heaters saving time when programming on behalf of the customer . The user can then switch and programme their Intelirad heater at home with their smartphone or device .
• Get ahead with a quick start up
The Inteliapp helps to speed up the initial setup of your Intelirad radiators by sending them the correct time and date from your smartphone or device . It is then possible to quickly set up different heating schedules for each day of the week and send them to individual Intelirad radiators or zones .
• Easy to set up The Inteliapp is easy to use and offers direct control of individual Intelirad radiators as well as the option to group radiators into zones and control them all at once . It only takes a few seconds to pair with each radiator and , once done , you can assign each one a name and add it to a zone for grouped control .
You can then set up schedules such as ‘ home all day ’ or ‘ out all day ’ programmes .
Using the Inteliapp the temperature in the room can be easily and precisely adjusted from the comfort of your sofa . For simplicity you ’ ll also find the Eco and Frost Protection modes right there on the home screen . The top screen always shows what ’ s happening with your Intelirad radiators in real time , you ’ ll see the set temperature and next time action in the heating schedule .
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