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Marco ’ s presence within the UK education sector continues to grow from strength to strength , the firm ’ s Elite product increasingly being considered as synonymous with this sector . The latest project to benefit from Marco ’ s products is Interserve ’ s pioneering PF2 scheme where Elite trunking has been specified across seven different facilities as part of a standardisation approach .

The £ 150m HLR Schools

project involves the demolition and new build of seven secondary schools in the South East of England .
The agreed model was one that was based on standardisation across all seven schools . Whilst each architectural design was bespoke in terms of shape and size , the elements used to create the buildings were identical and therefore every single product had to be considered carefully and thoughtfully .
Enabling work began in March 2015 . Developed in phases concurrently , the new builds were constructed on existing playing fields and car parks . Upon completion the old buildings have been demolished and the sites made good for recreational use .
Specification has been critical in achieving success at this scheme . When a product is chosen , this would be applied across all sites rather than a single one and so this formed a critical part of the planning process . Every single product used had to gain formal approval from the Education Funding Agency . As part of the Interserve Group , the Interserve Engineering Services team were responsible for all mechanical , electrical , public heath , fire & security , ICT passive network and sprinkler systems .
New incoming gas electric , water and telecommunication services were also provided to each site . Work on the installation of the electrical system , which the Marco specification formed part of , began in August 2015 and was completed some 16 months later .
Stuart Langridge , associate director for Interserve Engineering Services , explains , ‘ We recognise the synergy between Marco ’ s
Elite 3 trunking and the education market and appreciated their experience within this sector , as well as the many benefits that the product presented .
‘ As with all of our specifications , careful consideration was given to quality . Future proofing was another major factor , and how this could be managed , so the Elite 3 trunking was a perfect fit for the Category 6 structured cabling solution . The Education Funding Agency approved use of the Elite 3 products during the design and planning phase , this was pre-agreed far in advance of installation work .’
Stuart continues , ‘ In terms of volume , we have ordered vast quantities of Elite trunking across all seven sites . Our team were impressed with ease of installation and the modern bright white and curved aesthetics of Elite ( with grey plates for DDA compliance ), which sit really well within this type of environment .
‘ Delivery to site was planned carefully . Marco were able to deliver successfully to
‘ Specification has been critical in achieving success at this scheme .’
Every single product used had to gain formal approval from the Education Funding Agency .
ensure they met our needs . Communication was consistent and open throughout , a factor we find essential with all of our suppliers . As with any scheme , failure of a supplier or subcontractor to deliver can have a devastating effect on the project timetable and , as part of our supply chain team , Marco ensured they supported us throughout . The overall experience of working with Marco was a really positive one .’
Steve Davis , national business development manager at Marco Cable Management , adds , ‘ This has been a massive project for Marco with Interserve and a trailblazer in the next wave of education sector works . Interserve were very inclusive from the outset and were clear on their strategy and approach . The standardisation of the products across the seven sites , whilst simplifying the process , also raised challenges largely in terms of logistics and we recognised that planning and attention to detail was key .
‘ We understand the challenges when working in an education environment , this being one of our core areas of work , and feel that our products sit well within an education setting . The appearance of the Elite product blends seamlessly whilst able to contain large amounts of Category 6 data cabling – it ’ s also simple and adaptable during installation . This has been a fantastic project and one that we ’ re really proud to be part of .’
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