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Witricity Leverages Magnetic Resonance for Flexible Wireless Charging electronics a Primum Mobile in Human lives GST to boost ESDM Sector US $7.5, €5 50 Singapore $10 RNI No. DELENG/2012/45770, Mailed on 27-28th of Advance Month Delhi Postal Reg. No. DL(E)20/5424/2016-2018 Vol : 5, Issue 12, December 2016, Monthly, Pages - 68 L D TECHNOLOGIES for Earth Saving & the Future Open the Gamut of electronics experience all new LEDchip Indus PA S S I O N AT E LY I N D I A N LEDchip.in com Keeping Pace with the Changing Landscape of IoT Product Design INDIA'S FIRST & FULLY AUTOMATED LED PACKAGING INDUSTRY Visit us at Stall No K-01 Hall-10 LED Expo A Group Company Since - 1966