el Don V. 96 No. 3 - Page 9

CAMPUS VIEWS QUIET PLEASE! OPINION: Professors and politics just don’t belong in the same category. Filthy Facilities STAFF EDITORIAL: Santa Ana College is not maintaining its own cleanliness standards, with most restrooms improperly supplied. Sitting in their morning class, students discuss the elections. The professor joins a nearby conversation and is shocked to hear the student say she doesn’t vote because of her religion. The professor criticizes the quiet student who doesn’t dare counter. This is disgusting and horrifying. For one, college students are paying for an education, not to be told by a PhD holder that their entire belief system is trash. An academic setting requires open and equal discussion on the subject at hand without any personal bias from the instructor. I don’t want to be sitting in my math class worrying about what my professor thinks of me regarding politics. The job of a professor is to stimulate the minds of their students and to engage them in the curriculum, not to place their own opinions on irrelevant topics into the lesson plans. Critical thinking allows for all perspectives. That’s not to say that professors as individuals cannot have their own opin- ions. But when a professor’s opinion deliberately attacks a student’s belief system or their own opinions, it’s just bad. / Jessica Arredondo C ampus restrooms always feel grimy. The paper towel and soap dispensers are usually empty; the dispensers themselves are dirty. Floors are either sticky or wet from urine that overflows the urinal. The toilets are always riddled with paper. Trash cans are overflowing. Loose hair can be found around the rims of toilets or the floor. The maintenance and operations website for SAC states: “Our custodial services include cleaning, sanitizing, floor care, stocking paper products, changing interior light bulbs, and collecting and disposing of refuse.” Yet, regardless of the custodian shift changes, we see that the campus doesn’t remain clean, the floors are dirty, paper products aren’t always stocked, light bulbs go months without being changed and trash can go days without being disposed. Multiple stall doors around campus don’t close all the way. If you get lucky enough to find one that shuts, there’s a large gap that anyone can peek through. Santiago Canyon College, on the other hand, always seems to be clean and properly maintained. We deserve the same level of custodial care and cleanliness. el Don Santa Ana College · December 2018 9