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CAMPUS NEWS CLEAN: bathroom supplies often empty Continued from page 3 AT ISSUE Loss of custodial workers leads to potentially unsanitary conditions. part-time custodian closed last week. Mario Gaspar, who took over as the director of phys- ical plant and facilities earli- er this year, said his depart- ment is working to ensure that supplies are restocked on time. He did not return requests for comment on the schedule changes or whether the district plans to fill the remaining vacant positions. “In the time that I’ve been at Santa Ana College, I’ve witnessed maintenance, grounds, and custodi- ans work to improve the campus to the best of their abilities,” Gaspar said. “Some necessary adjust- ments have been made to the Maintenance and Operations department to improve the facilities for students, staff, faculty, and the community.” During public comment at the July 16 Board of Trustees meeting, a group of custodians spoke about the impact of their unex- pected schedule changes. Custodian Suon Tuon has worked at SAC for almost 20 years. He spoke on behalf of the new graveyard shift cus- todians and said they are not able to properly clean windows and other outdoor items now due to the lack of daylight. He proposed fur- ther adjustments that would allow custodians to start an hour earlier on some days and work a swing shift on Friday. Only the first request regarding beginning an hour earlier was agreed to. Another custodian, Jose Garcia, who cleaned the Child Development Cen- ter until early July, had concerns that the building was not being thoroughly disinfected with the current schedule. Now, there is one full-time person assigned to the center. In his opin- ion, there are not enough human resources to do the same work that was previously done by three part-time employees. “This place is for kids and needs to be disinfected every day,” Garcia told the board. “I was transferred from CDC to do the cam- pus job as a cover guy. I go wherever they send me, but I believe I will be more useful somewhere where I can do more stuff. Many people quit since July, but I am not a quitter, and I want my voice to be heard.” Small said Garcia was pas- sionate about the standards required to clean the CDC and that the union opposed relocating him because it would impact the children at the center. Child Devel- opment officials did not re- turn a request for comment. Sheryl Martin, the presi- dent of the California School Employee Association, spoke on behalf of the cus- todians during the Board of Trustees meeting. She said that the personal lives of janitors have also been af- fected by the changes and though they wrote a letter in which they asked for a com- promise on the new hours, it was rejected. “You see them in the back of the room standing for what is right. They are people like you and I, who have families, and personal lives” Martin said. el Don Santa Ana College · December 2018 5