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CAMPUS NEWS d el Don NEWS YOU CAN USE LISTEN UP Editors EDITOR IN CHIEF Jason Solares jasonsolares@eldonnews.org NEWS EDITOR Liz Fuentes lizethfuentes@eldonnews.org SPORTS EDITOR Diego Devia diegodevia@eldonnews.org LIFESTYLE EDITOR Sabrina Zamora sabrinazamora@eldonnews.org PHOTO EDITOR Nikki Nelsen nikkinelsen@eldonnews.org FACULTY ADVISERS Professor C.W. Little Jr. little_charles@sac.edu Associate Professor Sarah Bennett bennett_sarah@sac.edu PAWS FOR STRESS SOLAR SEEKING POPPINS IS POPPIN’ Finals week starts today, and ASG is providing some stress relief by bringing dogs on campus. The event takes place Monday, Dec. 10 and is sponsored by the Health and Wellness Center, and Psychological Services. Come by the Central Plaza between11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to get away from finals with some cute pups. / Liz Fuentes Don’t miss out on an extraordinary holi- day-themed journey through our solar system without having to leave Earth. Starting in December, Santa Ana’s planetarium will be showcasing The Star Of Bethlehem, which explores objects that appeared in the night sky 2000 years ago. Shows run at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on week- days and at 7 p.m. on Saturday. SAC students enter free all year long. / Dorian Zavala Disney’s beloved classic fi lm, Mary Poppins is getting a sequel and it is going to be everything you remembered from your childhood. Starring Emily Blunt, as Poppins, she returns to the family Banks lives to rediscover the magic and wonder they were longing for. The story continues on theaters on Dec. 21. /Faith Hernandez How to contact us If you’re stuck in traffic, going on a road trip or taking a walk, podcasts have recently become popular to share with friends. Listening to podcasts is one way to enjoy a laugh, a mystery, or an adventure with friends. Podcasts such as Serial have created a sensational way to dig deeper in crime cases. Or Pod Save America, where there are freewheeling conversation about politics with journalists, comedians, and activists. Get a laugh with The Joe Rogan Experience which features several interviews about top- ics of current events, comedy and hobbies and so much more. / Liz Fuentes el Don encourages the expression of all views. Emails should be about 150 words and sent to editor@eldonnews.org. El Don reserves the right to refuse advertising and does not necessarily subscribe to the views of the advertisers. FOLLOW US! Advertising rates BUSINESS MANAGERS Joanna Meza meza_joanna@sac.edu Alessandra Gonzalez gonzalez_alessandra@sac.edu PH (714) 564-5617 Fax (714) 564-0821 e-mail eldonbusiness@sac.edu 2 Turn on your notifications and get the latest campus news. ABOUT THE COVER Captain Miguel Gomez, leads the Dons to their first playoff win but can’t get past Santa Monica. el Don Santa Ana College · December 2018 ONLINE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER eldonnews.org /eldonnewspaper @eldonnews @eldonnews