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Seven Sins 54 WATCH So much superb space packed into 50 metres – this yacht is incredible. The beach club is lit from above by sunbeams piercing through the glass-bottomed swimming pool. Twin balconies unfold so that the entire aft section of the yacht is open to the sea. Sevens Sins is simply spectacular at every level. “IN MID SUMMER, IS THERE ANY WHERE BETTER THAN THE MEDITERRANEAN? SO MANY REALLY DIFFERENT ALTERNATIVES THAT CAN BE CONNECTED OR EXPLORED INDIVIDUALLY DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ON THE DAY. FOOD IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART OF ANY HOLIDAY – NOT JUST WHAT YOU EAT BUT WHERE. I’M IN AWE OF THE QUALIT Y OF CUISINE ON YACHTS AND THE MED HAS A PROFUSION OF GREAT PLACES WHERE A YACHT CAN ANCHOR AND YOU CAN BE PART OF A VERY COOL SCENE DAY AND NIGHT.” Sally Rose CHARTER BROKER – LONDON