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While Ibiza’s night clubs (Pasha, Pikes, Hï, DC10 and Ushuaia) are better than ever, the spa, beach club and dining scene is now much more sophisticated. The new Sovren superyacht harbour and beach clubs like Cotton, Beach House, Experimental and Amante take care of daytime activity. At night, Nobu’s four- restaurant concept and Heart, the cabaret and dining extravaganza, are unique to the island. The other main islands of Menorca, Formentera and Mallorca could not be more different both to Ibiza and each other. Ibiza and the Balearic islands These wild and raw islands north of Sicily do their best to put you off. One is a volcano, others have steep cliffs and the nightlife is not exactly throbbing. All true until you know where to go and then you are part of the secret society of Lipari-lovers. The cognoscenti adore these islands for their introverted exclusivity and dazzling scuba diving. On Panarea, Hotel Raya is the cool place to hang out and Vulcano has a wonderful spa and Michelin-star restaurant. THE LIPARI ISLANDS