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C H A R T E R 50 THE PORQUEROLLES – A short sail from St Tropez, this is a haven of peace and quiet with some exquisite places to drop anchor, swim, snorkel and generally make the most of your yacht. For a change of scene, Michelin-starred Le Mas du Langoustier is exceptional Provençal dining. Walk amongst the lavender and generally breathe in a feel-good factor that is overwhelming. HYDR A – Just two hours from Athens, Hydra’s main town is like an amphitheatre built around the small harbour. The island allows no cars and is at odds with the hip scene of Mykonos. Anchor in a silent bay to laze around in the luxury of your yacht, occasionally deciding on scuba, snorkel, jetski and paddleboard activities in mirror clear water until sunset and then something unexpected happens. Take the tender in for a low-key taverna dinner and the town seems to morph into somewhere totally different. Instant parties, outdoor film shows, bars and restaurants pop up until the small hours. The next day, it is as if it never happened – the island returns to silence. PRISTINE IS THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE THE ATMOSPHERE OF THIS REGION OF MONTENEGRO JUST SOUTH OF CROATIA. HIGH MOUNTAINS, PRUSSIAN BLUE WATER, VIRIDIAN GREEN CYPRUS TREES, VENETIAN WARM-COLOURED ARCHITECTURE AND L AKE-LIKE CALM E VERY WHERE. DR AMATIC IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. PORTO MONTENEGRO’S IMPRESSIVE HARBOUR PROVIDES THE LIFEST YLE – BEACH CLUB, FINE DINING, BARS, SHOPS AND A NIGHTCLUB. THE BAY OF KOTOR “I LIKE CLASSIC WITH A TWIST. MY CLIENTS OFTEN WANT TO BE NEAR THE ACTION BUT BE ABLE TO DIP IN AND OUT – TO CHOOSE WHEN AND WHERE TO PART Y OR JUST ENJOY THEIR YACHT SURROUNDED BY PEACE AND QUIET. THIS YEAR THE MEDITERRANEAN SEEMS TO BE AT A HIGH POINT. PLACES HAVE MATURED OR EVOLVED AND NOWHERE T YPIFIES THIS MORE THAN THE BALEARICS AND IN PARTICULAR IBIZA. BY WAY OF CONTRAST, HYDRA, THE PORQUEROLLES AND LIPARI ISLANDS GIVE YOU SO MUCH NATURAL BEAUT Y AND A DISTINCTIVE PERSONALIT Y. WITH A YACHT TO FLIT FROM PLACE TO PLACE, YOU HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.”