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Sea of Cortez Baja, Mexico ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED DESTINATIONS FOR ADVENTURE CRUISING. SWIM WITH WHALES, PLAN A SCUBA SEA SAFARI AND SET YOURSELF UP FOR A HIGH- OCTANE ADVENTURE WITH MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANTS, SURFING, PARAGLIDING SPORTFISHING, DRAMATIC GOLF COURSES AND TIPTOP HEALTH AND BEAUTY SPAS. LAVEZZI ISLANDS OFF CORSICA The Maddalena Islands get extremely crowded in summer. The solution is the Lavezzi Islands just off the south coast of Corsica where you can snorkel, scuba and dine on the aft deck with sensational views. Cruise over to tiny Cavallo opposite Bonifacio to dine at Hôtel des Pêcheurs. DUGI OTOK – CROATIA Located in the middle of Croatia’s extraordinary coastline Dugi Otok has an utterly bizarre landscape. Tiny islets are set within the horseshoe-shaped bays of bigger islands full of lakes. Anchor beneath 200 metre cliffs with superb caves for scuba diving or submarine adventures. Look out for peregrine falcons, breathe in the scent of toasted lavender, pine and fennel. It is a sensory overload. ALASKA Cruise between Juneau and Ketchikan taking in the monumental Mendenhall ice caves, Tracy Arm glacier and Misty fjords. June and July are the best months. See grizzlies dining on salmon, humpbacks breaching with joy, eagles swooping with bravado. Biking, fishing, kayaking, heli-skiing, zip-lining or just sitting in the Jacuzzi watching icebergs float past. Did someone mention action-packed?