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47 C H A R T E R PLANET NINE • Brand new 73 metre global discovery yacht built for adventure • Dual functionality – 3 fast tenders and a guest helicopter • With the yacht in Monaco, fly to St Tropez for lunch • Moored in Formentera, take the helicopter to Mallorca or Ibiza • Tour the Greek islands by air and sea • Cinema, beach club, huge entertaining spaces DYNA • A great yacht for families with young children • Proactive crew with a great reputation • Classic contemporary style, plenty of lounging space inside and on deck • Extended sun deck with a big Jacuzzi and outdoor cinema L A D Y B R I T T (Below) • Outstanding combination – great yacht design and brilliant crew service • New Michelin-star chef and refocused Wellness programme • Finnish sauna and overwater balcony, sun deck gym • Aqua Park, golf, scuba and water slide • Indoor and outdoor cinemas