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45 The most innovative and spectacular yacht of recent times, 84 metre Savannah has brilliantly designed interior and ex terior enter taining space that has won so many awards. Ser vice is sublime – dedicated to the ar t of making people feel at home in such spectacular surroundings. Corsica’s north coast Cap Corse is fascinating, wild and wonderful. On the east coast – Le Pirate is a Michelin Star restaurant with brilliantly creative cuisine. Cruise between Calvi and St Florent anchoring off Désert des Agriates’ pristine beaches. Cycle or drive to Oletta high in the hills where U Palazzu Serenu is a very hip hotel and spa. Calvi has so much history and culture to discover. Birthplace of that original super-sailor Christopher Columbus, the town was owned by the Italians until liberated by Napoleon.