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36 Large yachts are obviously impressive but for a more intimate charter experience, something under 40 metres can be just as much fun. Often surprisingly spacious, these smaller yachts can enter harbours and get close to shallow bays where the big yachts struggle. The Edmiston Cruising Club is a fleet of the very best for charter this summer. KNOWLEDGE These yachts are often based in the Mediterranean all year round. Chatting to locals, the Captain and crew get to know the best spots to anchor, where the water is clearest for snorkelling or that wonderful beachside family restaurant. DXB EXPERIENCE Smaller yachts charter more frequently Captain Sebastien Fleury the service. Whether it is a birthday party for the kids, an 2 35m / 114ft, 10 guests, from €72,500 per week “I’d suggest Corsica. Spend a day at Rocapina, where there is a fantastic sandy beach with views up to the famous Lion rock. It’s a great place for the crew to look after the kids and teach them to water ski. We could then cruise up to Girolta Bay. There are no restaurants here, so it’s a wonderful place to anchor overnight and and for the crew, the interaction with guests is a part of alfresco movie night or a formal dinner with friends, the crew will make it all happen with slick efficiency. AGILITY Ready to go in minutes and with speeds up the 35 knots, you can visit more places in a shorter space of time. Whether that is lunch in St Tropez and then cruising back to Cannes, or visiting two or three of the Balearics in a day. More is more. enjoy a sun set dinner on the aft deck.” BUDGET With charter rates starting below €50,000 per week the value is outstanding. If fun is your priority, a smaller yacht can be a brilliant experience.