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27 Edmiston broker Alex Busher has now sold the yacht t wice and was involved in the project from first idea to launch. “No other brokerage house has the depth of experience to be able to embrace projects of this sensitivity and complexity. You are dealing with a ver y precious piece of maritime heritage. That is the precise appeal for owners of these yachts. It is not merely about classic style, it is about authenticity and legacy.” Edmiston has a carefully researched por t folio of classic yachts between 30 and 70 metres suitable for restoration. Each has a fascinating histor y with a stor y waiting to be told. To discuss a heritage project contact an Edmiston broker. “It is important to differentiate between traditional, classic and historic. The challenge is to repeat our achievement of finding that increasingly rare yacht that is all three.” ALE X BUSHER – EDMISTON BROKER HAIDA STATISTICS 118 tons of steel removed 1,000 parts in the engine rooms overhauled 1,600 metres of new piping installed 26,250 metres of new electrical cables installed