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26 NICHOL AS EDMISTON, OUR C H A IR M A N , I S O N E O F T H E F O R E M O S T AU T H O R I T IE S O N H I S T O R I C YAC H T S . “As I always say to clients who enquire about the possibility of owning a classic, it will be an exciting but expensive adventure. You need courage but together with our vastly experienced team, the end result will be a yacht that is hugely admired by connoisseurs.” master suite lounge, working period piece fireplaces, a swimming pool, zero speed stabilizers, a spa and hammam and even a barber’s shop. According to Mike Carr, managing director of Pendennis, “The refit challenge on a classic is a totally dif ferent proposition to a contemporary yacht. Edmiston and the shipyard have built up a rapport that makes communications so much easier. There is a mutual understanding of what we are trying to achieve for the Owner. Judgement and interpretation is such a big part of the task. On Haida, it was the parts that you couldn’t see that were the hardest to fix but the most essential for a long- term solution. The entire hull below the waterline had to be removed and re-plated. That is over 118 tons of steel. The engines are almost museum pieces but they are magnificently efficient. Unfortunately, there are no spare parts for yachts built in the 1930s so we had to make a new piston and 12 new fuel injectors.” Tip the sales of your work-life balance TAKE ON A PROJECT AND RESTORE YOUR EQUILIBRIUM.