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i 19 Top Marques (MON ACO) : 19 -22 A PRIL The ultimate car (and watch) show. Biggest, best, fastest. Cannes Film Festival 9 -20 M AY The film industr y’s most glamorous competition and business event. Stay of fshore for privacy. Many large yachts have screening cinemas. Historic Grand Prix (MON ACO) : 11-13 M AY From 1940s vintage racers to the F1 cars of yester year. Stay onboard and look over the circuit. Monaco Grand Prix 24 -27 M AY The most enthralling social spor ting event of the summer season. Char ter a yacht and be less than a boat’s length from the racing. Midem (CA NNE S) : 5 -8 JUNE Music industr y’s top European event. Char ter a yacht and do the deals out of the glare of your competitors. seas