eGaming Review January 2014 - Page 92

SPONSORED EDITORIAL EXPERIAN FRAUD FOCUS Counting the cost of fraud and impatience We’re an impatient lot, it seems, and ‘friction’ comes at a cost, regardless of the pace and innovation in mobile technology or the evolution in gaming sites’ complexity. But as Sandra Green, director of gaming and retail at Experian says, the sector’s ongoing success is about ensuring fast and secure access to personal data, thus engaging, retaining and safeguarding customers N ew research by Experian comparing customers’ behaviour across all sectors highlights just how impatient online gamers are, with the lowest tolerance for identity checks at up to a maximum of four minutes. That’s an allowance of around 240 seconds’ worth of validation before gamers abandon transactions completely and go elsewhere. Clearly investment in winning, retaining and safeguarding new customers and the right customers counts – because once they’ve gone elsewhere, the likelihood is they’ve gone for good. Despite egaming’s relative convenience, its customers continue to be by far the most impatient and intolerant. Consumers will allow up to five minutes for retail transactions, up to seven minutes for public sector transactions, nine minutes for travel-related matters, or 10 minutes when dealing with mortgage arrangements. The study also reveals the degree to which identity and security procedures continue to be a source of acute annoyance among online Sandra Green is a director at Experian, where she heads the company’s gaming and retail teams. Based at the company’s London offices, she is hugely experienced in overseeing the delivery of fully compliant solutions for player acquisit