eGaming Review January 2014 - Page 80

SPONSORED EDITORIAL BETSOFT 3D FOCUS The best of Betsoft Adam Daniel tells eGaming Review why Betsoft Gaming is increasing player LTV and how its 3D content is evolving A pioneer in the egaming world, Betsoft Gaming continues to innovate its products and evolve to meet the changing industry requirements. eGaming Review catches up with Adam Daniel to find out what the content supplier has been up to. eGaming Review (eGR): Betsoft is an egaming pioneer. How have you stayed relevant over the years? Adam Daniel (AD): We remain relevant by predicting market trends. Betsoft was first to concentrate on rich, engaging 3D game content years before others entered this market. Additionally we recognised the potential of mobile gaming quite early. Our ToGo ™ series of stunning HTML5 mobile content is arguably best of breed. Now we are closely monitoring the crossover of game functionality between social media and egaming and are already releasing successful content to target this increasing demand. eGR: Strategically speaking, how much new content do operators need? Isn’t there a wealth of new games on the market? AD: It is important for operators to have a critical mass of content encompassing different styles of game play. It isn’t about releasing so many new games, it is about releasing a good cross-section of content designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of players. 3D games play an important role, their rich graphics and associated storylines aid acquisition and retention and I don’t think they are used nearly enough in acquisition campaigns. Our free spin functionality tied to registration offerings has been shown to increase player sign-ups with some of our larger customers. Now talking of player retention, the social features we are building into games like WhoSpunIt and SugarPop are extending session times and increasing player LTV. eGR: Can you give some examples of your games? AD: SugarPop features level-based gameplay with multiple unique game features that are unlocked as players progress. SugarPop is setting Betsoft’s director of business development Adam Daniel manages a team in Malta, the UK and Spain. Having spent 28 years in terrestrial and online gaming and boasting a recently awarded MBA, Adam has spent time as director of operations with Amaya Gaming, as well as advising a number of new and established egaming companies on strategic and operational issues. 78 game session length records with some Betsoft licensees so players are really responding well. WhoSpunIt features a murder mystery story that progresses throughout gameplay as the player works to reveal the identity of the murderer. Our latest title, Good Girl, Bad Girl, features differing volatilities of gameplay, player configurable hit frequencies and distribution of small and large awards. eGR: How do your products meet the evolving requirements of the egaming industry? AD: Sorry to sound like a business lecturer but we do this by continuously monitoring industry dynamics to predict future consumer demand. Specifically we analyse gameplay activity at the transaction level, we benchmark ourselves against competing products both inside and outside of egaming and look at evolving technology usage by consumers. We’re pretty good at this, if I say so myself. eGR: How important is bringing social elements into games such as SugarPop? AD: While socia