eGaming Review January 2014 - Page 79

UNIBET SPONSORED EDITORIAL SOFTWARE FOCUS bring the fun back to poker. Considering mobile is so important in the growth of the casino, we will offer both iOS and android versions of our poker software. They will have the same functionality as the desktop version but with optimised features, such as betting buttons, for mobile and tablet usage. Also the Mac version is going to be fully functional and not a slimmed down version like what some of the other competitors are doing. eGR: In what ways will the new software develop and improve customers’ experience of playing poker? DE: One of the key concepts is definitely the ease of use. We think that poker software today is much too complicated and if you compare these products to what was launched over 10 years ago, not that much has changed. Our new software is taking it a step further because we’re willing to take a little more risk here with poker. The internal UX team has been closely involved to ensure that we are the best in the market when it comes to being user friendly and we’re also looking to add quite a few new features to increase the excitement. eGR: Why has Unibet chosen Relax Gaming to supply the software? DE: Unibet has worked closely with Relax for the last two years and have found that they are very good at what they do and know a lot about the industry. What has impressed us the most is their speed of development which was a key consideration for us when deciding to start from a blank slate.  We needed to have a partner who is very agile and fast in developing - Relax had proven to be just that and since we started this project they have been very efficient in building the software. With the launch of the standalone product we hope to revive poker eGR: Is this part of a wider poker strategy for Unibet? What other plans does Unibet have for 2014? DE: With the launch of the standalone product we hope to revive poker in a way. We don’t expect it to be as big as it has been in the past but we definitely hope we can boost poker and bring back the growth. We believe going standalone and focusing on recreational players is the right approach and hope that poker will fit very well with our overall product portfolio and strategy. In general for 2014 we have quite a few exciting things coming up, so expect a very interesting year for Unibet product-wise. 77