eGaming Review January 2014 - Page 32

P R O F I L E B E T 365 own customer base – for others more aggressive cross-selling may be more appropriate.” A different view Bet365’s take on mobile is also worth examining as a contrast to some other operators, who have created mobile-specific development roles, or in some cases including Betfred and Ladbrokes, entirely new departments. To begin with, there is no head of mobile position at the firm and no specialist mobile team for each vertical, no ‘mobile sportsbook hub’ or mobile gaming development team. Instead the mobile channel is viewed as simply another delivery mechanism for the bet365 product range. Again, one must only look around at recent trends within the egaming sector to see that bet365 is sticking staunchly to its own ideals. “There’s a specific part of the development team that would focus on mobile but it’s all absolutely joined up,” says Coates. “If you look at what you’re trying to achieve with mobile, it’s part of a company strategy to deliver our full product experience through every channel in the best way possible. So by the nature of it, it must be absolutely joined up. We’ve therefore got sub teams focusing on mobile development within the sportsbook and gaming teams.” And it’s working. Amounts wagered via mobile channels increased by 150% during the period, with net revenues growing by some 158%, boosted by launches on Android and Blackberry last year and launches in Spain, Australia and Denmark