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CLEANING CLEANING & & SANITATION SANITATION Toilet Chemicals & Maintenance B-Fresh Blue 2 Litre 30548AQ 93110 30553AQ B-Fresh Blue stops unpleasant smells, reduces build up of gas and breaks down toilet waste. Add 100ml of B-Fresh Pink to every 15 litres of flush water. Dometic 4pk Loo Roll 9107200081 Toilet Roll Holder Toilet Roll Holder 13101N 38488 Toilet Roll holder with suction base. Toilet Rolls (4pk) 14098 Mini Loo Brush 14097 sales@miriad-products.com Designed with the confined space of caravan and boat washrooms in mind yet still large enough to hold a bath sheet - White. Complete with screw covers and stainless steel screws. Mini Loo Brush & Holder 38481 Angled brush with cleaning pad for the perfect finish. Closeable holder for practical and hygenic storage. Simple to install with one screw or enclosed Velcro. SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 Towel Ring 38486 The design ensures that toilet rolls will not fall off or unravel whilst travelling - White. Compete with screw covers and stainless steel screws. Mini Loo Brush Quality bristles for perfect care. Container for practical and hygienic storage. Simple installation with detachable suction cup and enclosed Velcro. 80 This sustainable alternative to traditional paper production combines parts of the two fast growing sustainable nature products, bamboo and sugar cane from eco controlled cultivation meeting worldwide ECO production Standards. advantages of our The ECO Bambex® Toilet Roll:- 100% biodegradable Environmentally friendly Fast desolving Chlorine-free Very soft Tearproof Inexpensive B-Fresh Pink keeps your flush water fresh, takes care of a smooth flush, prevents limescale deposits and lubricates the toilet seals. B-Fresh Pink improves your toilet’s hygiene. Add 75ml of B-Fresh Blue to your toilet waste tank for every 10 litres of capacity. Then add 2-3litres of Fresh Water. Empty at least every 3 days. 9600000126 Bambex Toilet Roll B-Fresh Pink 2 Litre A compact brush and holder designed for use with caravan/marine toilets. Wall mounting. The brush clips in place to keep it secure during transit. Designed to harmonise with the W4 Concept Range of boat and caravan fittings. OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com