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CLEANING & SANITATION Toilet Chemicals & Maintenance Thetford are and have been market leaders in toilet chemicals and sanitation equipment for years. Their products continually prove to be of the highest quality and remain 100% reliable and compatible for use with caravan and motorhome sanitation appliances. Aqua Soft Toilet Roll 30010 (12 x 4 Roll Packs) 21946 (1 Pallet of 32 x 30010) A super-soft toilet paper that dissolves quickly. Prevents clogging and makes the waste- holding tank easier to empty. 20566AK (9 x 500ml Bottles) Aqua Kem Green Concentrated is an environmentally conscious, highly effective, 2 times concentrated green toilet fluid for the waste-holding tank of your Cassette and portable toilet. Cassette Tank Cleaner 30312AK (12 x 1 Litre Bottles) Powerful cleaning fluid for periodical care and maintenance. Easily removes stubborn calcium deposits that can form on the inner side of the tank. Easy to use and scrubbing is not required. Prolongs the lifespan of the waste-holding tank. Thetford recommend use every 2 to 3 times per year. 30338AQ (9 x 0.75 Litre Bottles) Removes hard water and soil deposits while absolutely safe for plastic and toilet seals. De-scaling qualities ensure a smooth surface of the toilet bowl, preventing growth of scum and dirt. Provides optimal hygiene and creates shine and brilliance. The thick concentrated formula coats the bowl for better cleaning and targets hard to reach areas. Thoroughly cleans toilet bowls leaving a fresh and lovely scent. Powerful cleaning agent for daily maintenance. Safe for use on all plastic surfaces and guarantees perfect hygiene. Its active foam removes calcium deposits and gives a lovely shine. Thetford Aqua Kem Green Concentrated 30646CX Concentrate (12 x 0.75 Litre) Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner Grey Water Fresh 30700AK This New GREY family member does: • Prevents nasty grey water smells coming from the drains • Reduces deposit formation in the grey water tank • Outstanding grey water odour control • Keeps the grey water longer fresh and clean • Odour free dis- charging of the gray water tank Tank Freshener 30272DA (6 x 1.5 Litre Bottles) Effective fluid for daily care of your vehicles waste water tank and pipes. Reduces deposits of grease contamination and prevents unpleasant smells backing up into the vehicle. Seal Lubricant Spray 30002ED (12 x 200ml Cans) Lubricant for periodical care and maintenance. Protects and lubricates seals, locks, hinges, awning rails and bicycles etc. This is specifically designed for safe use on toilet seals ensuring pliability. Totally safe for use on plastics unlike other lubricants. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 77