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HOUSEHOLD Cleaning Brunner Benjamin Broom Brunner Spik 0203025N 0203035N Microfibre Washbrush 14011 Tent and awning broom with telescopic handle. Brush width approx 24cm. Sweeping broom. Broom head screws on/off for storage if required. Outer Pack of 12. Outer Quantity of 12. Extra absorbent long chenille microfiber wash bonnet; Wash glove can be removed from pole for professional hand car wash; Telescoping pole extends to 48 inches. DIMENSIONS 118 x 25cm 70 x 25cm 0.34kg 22 x 118cm 0.15kg Franky Folding Brush 0203038N Smart camping broom and dustpan. Features a foldable brush head and telescopic aluminium handle for unique compact storage. Open size 125x26cm. Folded size 69x19cm. Weight 0.45KG Blue Magic Mop 14052 Microfibre Glass Cleaner - Sponge and Puller If the cleanliness of your windows is so important to you, this glass cleaner is just the thing. This window cleaner is ideal for exterior windows, interior windows and vehicle windows. But also for conservatory roofs and vehicle roofs, this cleaner is optimally suited. With the telescopic rod you can easily reach higher windows. You can also use the swivel joints and the swiveling headboard. Alu Washbrush 14055 FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 67